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The U.S. government has just wrapped up one of the largest cyber exercises to date, involving more than 500 participants from the military, law enforcement, civilian agencies, academia and the commercial sector.
A strategic cyber attack against the United States is the most serious threat facing the country, the admiral slated to be the next commander of the U.S. Northern Command told Congress last week.
U.S. Cyber Challenge (USCC) will host its Summer Cyber Camp program in conjunction with the University of Delaware, Delaware State University, Wilmington University, Delaware Technical Community College and the Delaware Department of Technology and Information (DTI) from July 21-25, 2014. This will be the fifth consecutive year for the State of Delaware U.S. Cyber Challenge Summer Camp. The camp includes four days of intensive instruction by SANS instructors, a career fair, and a cyber-attack and defense competition with an awards ceremony to honor the winners.
Salisbury, Md. - Transportation officials in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and numerous other states are warning the public about a scam involving E-ZPass.
Windows 7 users have had a lot of fun recently. Poking fun at Windows 8 is a popular pastime as is teasing those too stubborn to abandon the Windows XP sinking ship, but now comes their own wake up call. Microsoft has formally announced that mainstream support for Windows 7 will end on 13 January 2015 - just 5 months away.
Hackers may have breached the Office of Personnel Management's network, a Department of Homeland Security official confirmed Thursday. Another U.S. official who was briefed on the investigation said the intrusion has been traced to China...
Spread the Word! The first of three application periods will close August 1st for the U.S.A. Cyber Warrior Scholarship! The U.S.A. Cyber Warrior Scholarship assists transitioning veterans interested in attaining certification, easing their transition into the civilian workforce and building a career in information or cyber security.
Tech start-ups continue to get hit by extortion attempts from cybercriminals who aim to shut down their systems until companies pay their ransom.
Cybercriminals are spreading messages claiming that the insanely popular HBO series will end after season 4 because they know it is the perfect link bait. It's disguised as a java update to view a report on Game of Thrones being cancelled. It's a hoax to deliver malware.
The email attachment looked like a brochure for a yoga studio in Toulouse, France, the center of the European aerospace industry. But once it was opened, it allowed hackers to sidestep their victim's network security...
On May 31 - June 1, 2014, more than 11,000 citizens representing government, businesses, nonprofits, technologists, and entrepreneurs are participating in more than 95 simultaneous civic hacking events in 83 cities across the US as part of the first ever National Day of Civic Hacking.
eBay confirms users' passwords were compromised but says there's no evidence any financial information was accessed.
Scammer Posing as Maine Employer Attempts to Gain Personal Information from Job Seekers.
Weeklong day camp for students comprised of cyber security workshops, labs, and a competition. The camp will focus on topics such as intrusion detection, penetration, and forensics.
Wilmington University's Mark Hufe talks with Pat Ciarrocchi about preventing security breaches.
David Helkowski set out to be a whistle-blower; he now faces the feds and unemployment
The universe of threats may seem limitless, but 92% of the 100,000 incidents we've analyzed from the last 10 years can be described by just nine basic patterns.
Would you like fried wontons with that Malware?
They came in through the Chinese takeout menu.
We can learn from front-line government experts who are 'in the arena.' Delaware is raising the bar for the nation in many areas of cybersecurity.
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WDDE audio coverage of the Cyber Aces Championship.
Noah Andrews, Kevin Kaminski, and Yingbo Wang took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in the Governor's Cyber Aces State Championships on Saturday.
The Governor’s Cyber Aces State Championship over the weekend capped a six-month search to discover and develop new cybersecurity experts.
Cyber Aces offers its competition under the main sponsorship of the SANS Institute, a foundation offering high-level courses in cybersecurity education and training.
Delaware's first Cyber Aces State Championship is being held on Saturday at the Delaware Technical Community College Terry Campus in Dover.
U.S. Sen. Tom Carper noted the University of Delaware's emphasis on cyber security studies during a March 26 Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs hearing.
Delaware's first Cyber Aces State Championship is being held Saturday at the Delaware Technical Community College
U.S. Sen. Tom Carper noted the University of Delaware's emphasis on cyber security studies during a March 26 Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs hearing.
If you attend a conference or read an article on security, you're likely to get the impression that the biggest threats facing the enterprise are cyber-attacks and hackers. However, a new survey conducted by digital security firm Globalscape points the finger squarely at employees.
Investigative reporter Julia Angwin was curious what Google knew about her, so she asked the company for her search data.
Millions of us share our most personal sentiments and our most potentially damaging data through our smartphones. They're the most personal communication devices we own, and they are compromised to the hilt. It is time to lock them down.
NASCIO applauds the Administration for publishing a consensus-based, voluntary Cybersecurity Framework.
When a smartphone user opens Angry Birds, the popular game application, and starts slinging birds at chortling green pigs, spy agencies have plotted how to lurk in the background to snatch data revealing the player's location, age, sex and other personal information, according to secret British intelligence documents.
Amid the debate over an effort to remove most of the Air National Guard's (ANG) full-time cyber experts, the ANG continues to help defend the nation's computer networks from digital attacks of others.
After millions of Snapchat usernames and other data were posted online, a group is saying it revealed the partial phone numbers and other information because the social-sharing service didn't do enough to increase its security.
The Internet of Everything will prove once again that everything is hackable, is among several cyber predictions made by Michael K. Daly, CTO, cybersecurity and special missions, Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services.
Target is investigating a security breach involving stolen credit card and debit card information for millions of its customers.
Torched by disclosures that the National Security Agency routinely tapped into their data and spied on people and businesses, some of tech's biggest names have banded together to form what is essentially an anti-NSA coalition.
Researchers with Trustwave's SpiderLabs discovered more than 2 million stolen passwords to websites such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Yahoo while investigating a server in the Netherlands that cyber criminals use to control a massive network of compromised computers.
Seattle hospital discloses malware attack that exposes 90,000 patient records.
Delaware's Chief Security Officer, Elayne Starkey , was a recent guest on CIO Talk Radio. Elayne shared her thoughts on the challenges of cyber security in the workplace with the advent of BYOD. (Bring Your Own Device)
In a study of employee susceptibility to phishing attacks, security-awareness training firm ThreatSim finds that an average of 18 percent open phishing messages and click on the malicious link inside.
The Small Business Association offers new online security training to small business owners to help protect sensitive data.
A lawmaker has asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate online ad companies that track consumers across devices, like showing them ads on their phones based on Web sites they visit on a computer.
The cost of a U.S. cyber attack increased 78 percent over the past four years -- 26 percent in the past year -- and the occurrence and sophistication of such attacks also are on the rise, according to a new report.
The majority of U.S. consumers freely admit to sharing personal details online that put them at risk. That's the not so surprising finding of a new national survey released by Visa here today to open its annual Visa Security Summit.
Cyberattacks have grown so much, Berglas says, that there are basically two types of firms: 'Those companies that have been hacked, and those that are going to be hacked again.'
Gov. Markell joined Cyber Ace Founder Alan Paller at Charter School of Wilmington to kick off the state's initiative in the Cyber Aces program. The program will recruit and train anyone, over the age of 16, who demonstrates a high level of technical skill for the growing career field of cyber security.
Pro-Syrian government hackers defaced a Marine Corps recruitment website Monday, posting a letter on arguing that the Syrian government is "fighting a vile common enemy."
Two men arrested by Canadian police Thursday in the case of a teenage girl who died following a suicide attempt after months of cyber bullying have been charged, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Company.
Hackers exploited a security flaw in web-based software used by the University of Delaware, and stole names, addresses, Social Security numbers, and university identification numbers of over 72,000 current and past employees - including student workers.
Car hacking is not a new field, but its secrets have long been closely guarded. That is about to change, thanks to two well-known computer software hackers who got bored finding bugs in software from Microsoft and Apple.
As many as 500,000 U.S. jobs are lost each year from costs associated with cyber espionage, according to a report released this week by the security firm McAfee and the Center for Strategic and International Studies.
An increasing number of Android phones are infected with mobile malware programs that are able to turn the handsets into spying devices, according to a report from Kindsight Security Labs, a subsidiary of telecommunications equipment vendor Alcatel-Lucent.
A deeply divided House defeated legislation Wednesday that would have blocked the National Security Agency from collecting vast amounts of phone records, handing the Obama administration a hard-fought victory in the first Congressional showdown over the N.S.A.'s surveillance activities since Edward J. Snowden's security breaches last month.
The FBI has ranked cyber crime as the greatest threat to U.S. national security behind nuclear war and weapons of mass destruction. First State students are learning what it takes to face some of the 21st centuries biggest security threats. Federal and state officials joined together at Wilmington University's New Castle campus on Friday to congratulate the 4th graduating class of the United State Cyber Challenge Delaware Camp. 47 students from Delaware's universities spent a week at the campus taking specialized cyber security classes from college teachers and cyber security experts.
Students from Delaware universities learn how to hack and defend computer systems during a week long cyber camp. Mark Hufe, the Director of Wilmington University's Center for Cyber Security, says there's a need for professionals in this particular field. Delaware is one of four states to host the U.S. Cyber Challenge Camp and forty-seven students graduated from the program on Friday.
U.S. Cyber Challenge (USCC) will host its Summer Cyber Security Camp program in conjunction with the University of Delaware, Delaware State University, Wilmington University, Delaware Technical Community College and the State of Delaware from July 8-12, 2013. The U.S. Cyber Challenge Cyber Summer Camp is an important initiative for the advancement of cyber security professionals in the workforce.
Maintenance workers discovered two skimming devices Friday while checking out the pump equipment at a north Wilmington gas station, police said.
Major U.S. bank websites have been offline a total of 249 hours in the past six weeks, perhaps the clearest indication yet that American companies are prime targets in an unrelenting, global cyber conflict.
U.S. Senator Chris Coons introduced the Cyber Warriors Act of 2013 to establish Cyber Guards' as part of the National Guard.
Hackers attack bank minutes after NSA chief warns senate about hackers attacking banks.
Delaware 4th and 5th graders sent in over 1,000 posters this year for the 2012-2013 Cyber Security Poster Contest.
The Federal Trade Commission said that it had recently filed eight lawsuits in federal courts around the country against companies it accused of ordering or engineering the sending of hundreds of millions of spam text messages to mobile phone users.
MandiantR, the leader in advanced threat detection and response solutions, released a detailed report exposing a multi-year espionage campaign by one of the largest "Advanced Persistent Threat" (APT) groups.
In an interview with Information Security Media Group, Elayne Starkey, Delaware's CSO, says the balance in the Bring-Your-Own-Device program is to maintain a secure government network and allow the functionality for her employees to use their own devices.
The Emergency Alert System broadcasted warnings of zombie attacks in Montana, Michigan, and New Mexico on Feb. 11 after hacks of the computers that control the system, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
The Center for Internet Security (CIS) announced its Cyber Teaching Hospital, which will provide residency training programs for undergraduate and graduate students and give them the necessary skills to supplement the nation's critical need for a trained cyber workforce.
President Obama Issued an Executive Order for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity.
Governor Jack Markell announced that the 8-member Department of Technology and Information Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) Team is the 2012 recipient of the Governor's Team Excellence Award.
The State of Delaware's cyber security team celebrated the national and international recognition it recently received Wednesday.
Heading into 2013, security leaders across industry feel confident about their processes and technology. People, though, continue to create the greatest risks. Can "awareness in depth" make a difference? Part one in a podcast series.
Holiday scams are now starting to adapt to some of the newer technology that is out there, with one security expert saying that the majority are the same old scams "with a new spin." People and companies alike need to be sure to have data security front of mind and their wits about them, as many of these scams can be sidestepped with simple logic.
The Department of Technology & Information for the State of Delaware has won a 2012 U.S. National Cybersecurity Innovation Award for creating a statewide information security officer certification program.
Hints on how to avoid your password from being guessed easily.
Security Personnel Respond to Storm Impact, Outages
Credit Eligible Defending Delaware's critical infrastructure is a top challenge ... particularly with the state Department of Technology and Information.
The recently-released 2012 Deloitte-NASCIO Cybersecurity Study, "State Governments at Risk: A Call for Collaboration and Compliance", spotlights Delaware's DCISO and CBT programs. These programs are highlighted on page 13 of the publication.
October is Cyber Security Awareness Month.
On September 25th, MS-ISAC announced Delaware as the winner of the 2012 Annual Best of the Web Contest, State Government category. The Center for Internet Security conducted its 4th annual Best of the Web contest to recognize state and local governments that use their websites to promote cyber security.
In interview with Information Security Media Group, Delaware Gov. Jack Markell says that Information security is "like a race with no finish line," says Delaware Gov. Jack Markell. He further details the efforts being made to improve the cybersecurity posture in Delaware.
Delaware Chief Security Officer Elayne Starkey leads, but does not supervise, hundreds of information security officers, many of whom have technical expertise in areas other than security. But a new certification program gives these ISOs the needed security know-how and Starkey a vehicle to share her IT security vision.
When it comes to cybersecurity in Delaware, Gov. Jack Markell sees his job as being the state's head cheerleader. In an interview, Markell discusses his role and the state's cybersecurity accomplishments.
DefCon Kids, a hacking camp held in Las Vegas, encourages kids to take a hard, skeptical look at the machines that surround them, and teaches them to hack apart everything they can lay their hands on.
The cybersecurity bill is being thrashed out on the United States Senate floor this week, a debate that is turning into a pitched battle over how easily the government can go through private data online.
General Keith Alexander, head of the National Security Agency, addressed an audience at the Defcon hacking conference in Las Vegas Friday, saying the Internet needed fundamental defenses against foreign incursion
To catch hacker, it helps if you know how to be a hacker; A group of students learned that first-hand earlier this month at a cyber security boot camp on the University of Delaware's campus.
National Security Agency Director Gen. Keith Alexander calls Defcon the "world's best cybersecurity community" and asks for their help.
Thirty students from area universities and high schools immersed themselves in a specialized cyber security training camp to learn how to foil cyber threat attempts, a move that may ultimately propel them into cyber security careers.
U.S. Senator Tom Carper and U.S. Congressman John Carney recognized the third graduating class of the United States Cyber Challenge Delaware Camp on Friday, July 13 at a ceremony at the University of Delaware.
Local and state governments improving their cyberthreat awareness could be the main benefit from a new program designed to help them save money in acquiring IT security products and services, says Center for Internet Security Chief Executive William Pelgrin.
The powerful Flame malware, which used Microsoft's Windows Update process to spread itself, was created by the United States and Israel in order to gather intelligence about Iran's nuclear program.
As hackers step up attacks on law firms, attorneys are being forced to master a subject few of them studied in law school: cybersecurity.
Five years ago, Google started a "Safe Browsing" initiative to track down malicious content across the Web. The company shared some of the insights it gleaned during the cleanup job. It said - no surprises here - that cybercriminals are getting faster and more creative.
Thousands of computers in Iran belonging to government agencies and private companies have been infected with a highly sophisticated virus, dubbed Flame, in the latest cyberstrike against the Islamic Republic, said cybersecurity experts and Iran's telecommunications ministry.
Over a thousand college students and young professionals registered and competed for CyberQuests 2012. The winner was Enjolokee Jones of New Castle, Delaware. Mr. Jones finished with a score of 96.23 out of 100 and in a time of 0:55:14.
Ruthless ID thieves are robbing identities even from the grave, a new study has found. Nearly 2.5 million dead people are victims of identity theft every year, according to a data analysis by fraud prevention firm ID Analytics.
The State of Delaware saw the demand for employee-owned mobile devices, along with cloud computing services, and knew it was time to act before the trend got out of hand. In an interview with Information Security Media Group, Delaware's Chief Security Officer, Elayne Starkey, discusses the strategies utilized to deal with these challenges.
Melissa Hathaway, who has served the administrations of both George W. Bush and Barack Obama, will be featured as the 2012 Global Agenda speaker series continues at 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, April 11, in Mitchell Hall on the University of Delaware campus in Newark.
Apple's introduction of its third iteration of the iPad e-tablet, coupled with the growing popularity of cloud computing, could lead to new methods of enterprise computing and IT security, Delaware Chief Security Officer Elayne Starkey says.
Hackers operating under the banner "Anonymous" steal files from inside corporate computer systems and occasionally, as in the case of Stratfor last week, dump company e-mail online for all to see. Experts at the RSA computer security conference in San Francisco last week said that the bright side of their hacking is that it helps to raise the alarm about the unguarded state of corporate computer systems.
Rapid7, a Boston-based company that looks for security holes in computer systems that are used in devices like toaster ovens and Mars landing equipment has discovered that videoconferencing equipment is often left vulnerable to hackers. Businesses collectively spend billions of dollars each year beefing up security on their computer systems and employee laptops. But rarely do they give much thought to the ease with which anyone can penetrate a videoconference room where their most guarded trade secrets are openly discussed.
Elayne Starkey, Delaware's Chief Security Officer, has been selected by The Influencers as one of the top 10 influential people in government information security for 2012.
The account information for millions of customers at, an online shoe and clothing company, may have been compromised by a hacking attack.
U.S. Senators Tom Carper and Chris Coons, Governor Jack Markell and Mayor James Baker recognized the top scoring students of the 2011 United States Cyber Foundations fall competition at a special award ceremony at the Wilmington Charter School on January 5.
David Carr, from the New York Times, discusses the potential fallout that could result from the passage of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). SOPA is an effort to get at the very real problem of rogue Web sites — most operating from overseas — offering illicit downloads of movies, music and more.

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