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Why is access to DE-SSO changing?
Delaware needs greater security for the state network and data. Access to applications and systems protected by DE-SSO will be protected by (or id.delaware) going forward.


Why can’t I continue to use my Delaware ID to access Employee Self Service?
Your Delaware ID is for work-related applications and systems. To safeguard your lifetime online access to State of Delaware digital government services (such as your pension), you will need a identity.

Employee Self Service (ESS) is moving to to assure uninterrupted access for workers who frequently change state employers (especially those working in education), and to make electronic access to ESS available to the many workers who don’t have a state email account. Access and identity linked to a person’s home email makes this possible and puts access in the employee’s control.


Why can’t I continue use my employee ID as my username to log in?
An employee’s ID number is considered to be private information, similar to a Social Security Number, that the State of Delaware does not want to expose. The new system requires an email address for identity registration.


Why can’t I use my work/State email address for access?
The system will not accept addresses as “Home email” if the address ends in:,,,,, or

Not all employees have work/State email addresses.

Some employees have multiple work addresses due to having multiple assignments or responsibilities.

Employees lose their work email and work-related Okta Delaware ID when state employment ends.

An Okta identity is intended to be a unique-to-you, lifetime access username to any State of Delaware-related online service. After employment ends—either by retirement or by separation—a former employee can use to see tax and pay information, access the Pension system, and continue to transact other business with the state. Access to Employee Self Service via won’t be interrupted by a change in work email due to a job change.


Why should I provide a home email address now?
An employee’s home email address will be converted to a unique username for the Okta system. An invitation to register your identity will automatically be sent to your home email, making it simple to register for my.delaware. Providing your home email now means easily going through the automatic process than obtaining a identity later when there might be a lag to fulfill your access request.

An employee will use the system to access Employee Self Service (for pay and benefit information) and other public-facing State of Delaware applications and services, such as State of Delaware Pension system and Child Support Services, for example, even after employment ends. Eventually, many kinds of transactions will require a identity which is intended to serve you for your entire lifetime.


How will the State of Delaware use my home email address?
The State intends to use the home email address an employee provides this fall to automate the creation of each employee’s lifetime identity (by writing the email address to a protected “Okta email” field in your employee file). The invitation to complete registration for your identity will be sent to your home email address.

Once you complete your registration, your identity will be granted access to Employee Self Service and other applications.


Can I select my home email address as my “preferred” email address?
Of course! It is important to know that you must select a “preferred” email address because many important communications, including benefits information, are sent via this contact method. You must designate one of your email addresses–most commonly either business or home–as “preferred” and can only have a single “preferred” email address.

You can change your home email address (which could be used for State correspondence) anytime. However, after this fall, when your home email is used to create your Okta Email (username on my.delaware), changing your home email will NOT cause any change in Okta Email.


How do I get a home email address if I don’t have my own?
Free email account providers where anyone can create an email account to use as a “home email address” for State of Delaware purposes include:


I don’t want to share my personal email address with my employer: what should I do?
Anyone who does not want to use their personal primary home email address may create and provide an email account with a free provider to use just for State of Delaware Employee Self Service “Home email” purposes. You must be able to access this email account to receive the registration invitation and to register for a identity. You can obtain a free email account from any provider, including those listed above.

State employees who want electronic access to participate in Open Enrollment for State of Delaware employee benefits or the State Employee Charitable Campaign, for example, will need to have a identity to access these applications online. DE-SSO will no longer be available in 2022.


My family uses a single email address for all of us. Can I use this as my home email address?
No. An employee’s “home email address” needs to be unique to each employee, not shared with anyone else in the family. Even if only one member of the family currently is a State of Delaware employee, other family members may need identity to transact business with the State of Delaware and won’t be able to use the shared email, either.

For a identity, each person needs a unique email address they alone control access to; this protects access to employment and other personal information.


My spouse and I share the same home email address; can we share a identity?
No. Even if your spouse is not a State of Delaware employee, you cannot share a identity– just like you cannot share a Delaware Driver’s License. Everyone needs their own validated identity; this requires each person to have their own individual home email address.


I already have and use a identity. Can I input the same home email address as my Home Email in Employee Self Service?
Yes, please do! An employee should provide the same home email address that was used to create the existing identity to prevent the unnecessary duplication of access for the same person.

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