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What is the Department of Technology and Information?

In July 2001, Delaware's General Assembly and Governor formally instituted the Department of Technology and Information (DTI).

DTI was created to redefine Information Technology management for the 21st century for state government. DTI was given the responsibility to build a new organization with a true customer service culture and a spirit of collaboration that fosters centralized technology leadership statewide.

What are the powers and functions of the Office of the Chief Information Officer?

  • To act as the chief advisor to the Governor on issues relating to technology
  • To serve as the Cabinet level executive for DTI
  • To chair the Technology Investment Council (TIC)
  • To act as primary Information Technology liaison to the Legislature and Judiciary
  • To develop a statewide IT plan and submit IT funding recommendations to the Budget Office

What are the major operating divisions of DTI?

Does DTI provide Information Technology services for the general public?

Yes, but only indirectly via the services provided to our customer base.