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The State's Architecture Review Board (ARB) developed the below templates as a way of consistently collecting information about the solutions that the State was planning to deploy or use.  These ARB templates are often associated with the State's business case review process that evaluates all IT projects in the State.  Thus, State of Delaware organizations may require vendors to provide information in the ARB template 'format' in RFPs or contractual processes.  Below is a short description of each of the ARB templates and a link to each template pdf..

Data Models – This template specifies the information and format(s) that the State will accept for documenting the data models for State data associated with the solution.

Network – This template specifies the type of network information that the State is expecting to evaluate. The ARB Network Stencil has been created to assist in documenting the required details of objects on the ARB Network Template.

Software – This template provides the information and format for listing the software associated with the solution.