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The Department of Technology and Information is committed to transparency and openness.  Requests under Delaware's Freedom of Information Act (29 Del.C. ยงยง 10001 et seq.) may be submitted using the State of Delaware's Online FOIA Request Form.  Alternatively, FOIA requests (PDF form) may be filed by email, by fax (302.677.7043), or by U.S. Mail to:

Department of Technology and Information
801 Silver Lake Boulevard
Dover, DE 19904
Attention: Elayne Starkey, FOIA Coordinator

All FOIA requests must be in writing, and must adequately describe the records sought in sufficient detail to locate the records with reasonable effort.  Please be as specific as possible when requesting records.

For additional information, please contact FOIA Coordinator Elayne Starkey at or 302.739.9631.

The FOIA Policy establishes the guidelines governing the providing of Delaware Department of Technology and Information public records as a result of Freedom of Information Act requests.

Delaware Department of Technology and Information, Office of Secretary, Policy and Procedures Regarding FOIA Requests [15 DE Reg 906-910]. Referenced section can be found on pages 199-203 in the Delaware Register of Regulations, Volume 15, Issue 6, and dated December 1, 2011.