Department of Technology & Information

Information Technology Consolidation

Benefits / Cost Savings

There have been many benefits and cost savings associated with ITC since the initiative began in August 2010:

  • The Department of Technology and Information (DTI) is fully engaged with 10 Executive Branch Departments. This means consolidation has begun, is in the final stages of implementation, or departments are being assessed and recommendations are being developed.    
  • Delaware has achieved over $3.9M in savings to date, and this amount will continue to grow as the consolidation moves forward. 
  • DTI has consolidated to-date 2 department Data Centers, Desktop Support for 3 departments, and Help Desk Support for 4 departments.
  • Eliminated positions through attrition which is the reduction of a workforce by employees leaving their jobs on their own or retiring and not being replaced.   
  • Identified and mitigated IT risks within the agencies.
Last Updated: Wednesday, 10-Jul-2013 15:46:36 EDT
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