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Access Delaware Project Wins National Award!
The Access Delaware Project is an initiative of the Delaware Department of Technology and Information (DTI) that is focused on providing alternative mechanisms for Delaware agencies to deliver information and services to citizens. Ultimately, the goal of this Project is to build up a portfolio of voice applications that are available through a single toll free number -- this menu of applications will be the VoiceXML equivalent to the State's Portal.

The State of Delaware Voice Portal is now available at 866.276.2353 (toll free) .


What does Delaware's Voice Portal offer the citizens?

Our voice portal currently offers these options:

  • Our pilot application known as the Internet Access Locator

  • State Personal Income Tax Refund status inquiry for the Division of Revenue

  • Provisional Vote Inquiry for the Department of Elections

  • An option to transfer to the Delaware Helpline number for any other services or questions

The portal has also offered other timely options when needed. For instance, a Drought Information hotline for DNREC when the Governor declared a statewide drought, also a Polling Place Locator for registered voters is available during periods leading up to statewide elections. All these services are easily accessed through the one toll free number listed above.


What is VoiceXML?

VoiceXML is a Web-based markup language for presenting information or applications to end users, just like HTML. But while HTML assumes a graphical web browser, with display, keyboard, and mouse, VoiceXML utilizes a telephone with audio input or key pad entry, and audio output (either pre-recorded or computer generated).


How can VoiceXML help your agency and its customers?

Agency business managers need solutions that provide value to citizens and taxpayers. IT staff are constantly challenged to find ways to make limited dollars stretch to meet core objectives and address business needs. When times are tight, agencies need solutions that leverage investment in existing applications and expand the audience for web-based information. VoiceXML can help your agency meet its goals -- find out how.


Getting started with VoiceXML

Here are some other good VoiceXML resources to get you started:
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