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My Delaware and Delaware ID – What’s the Difference?

State of Delaware Identity and Access Management
Two Single Sign-On (SSO)Solutions


SSO provides simple, secure access to multiple technology resources with a single username and password. Delaware has two SSO tenants (State and Public).
  • For SOD workers/contractors, to work-related state networks, applications, and systems
  • Username is state-issued email and personal password (expires every 90 days)
  • Requires MFA be set up; invoked outside State network and/or according to risk (e.g., when changing a password)
  • For Delaware residents and visitors, to state public-facing applications, and systems
  • Username is a unique personal email address and personal password (expires every 25 months)
  • Requires MFA be set up; invoked outside State network and/or according to risk (e.g., when changing a password).


Solution leverages Artificial Intelligence and threat data from its networks, as well as user behavior insights and notifications to users about suspicious activity.

Internal state data and systems:

  • Financial (FSF), HR (PHRST, eSTAR)
  • Training (Delaware Learning Center, Cyber Security Training)
  • Licensed Productivity Tools (Microsoft 365 email and applications, Adobe, etc.)

External facing state data and systems:

  • Current and former employee benefits and pay systems data a (Employee Self Service), and Pension information
  • Transactions by residents, visitors, and affiliates (e.g. municipalities) using state applications for state business (e.g., licensing and permits)


Application on-boarding initiates via ServiceNow. Agencies contact the Partner Services Engagement Team for assistance. Over 7,000 pre-built integrations.
  • Nearly 100 applications already protected
  • Ongoing integration with enterprise systems and applications such as ServiceNow and Salesforce-based applications
    • HR (hiring, on-boarding, off-boarding)
    • IT User Provisioning and De-provisioning (supports audit, cyber insurance needs)
  • Nearly 50 applications already on-boarded; anticipate nearly 100 applications by the end of calendar 2022
  • On-boarding and integration with applications and services required for digital government including identity proofing and an enterprise payment system:
    • Residents (benefits, permits, and fees)
    • Visitors (DNREC licensing and permitting)


Per employee/per year annual cost is calculated as part of the Secure End User Services package of essential IT required for each worker to perform in a state position.

Application owner cost, if any, is calculated based on the a formula to be determined by annual transactions, development, and support needs (such as identity proofing requirements), and whether or not these can be accommodated under the base state contracts.


Required by State statute and associated State cyber security policies: State applications, systems and networks controlling access to state constituent, employee, or financial data, must be authenticated, authorized, and accounted for through the state-designated identity and access management solution.

No differences.

No differences.

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