Delaware Department of
Technology & Information

Delaware Department of Technology & Information

Strategic Priorities

DTI Priorities

Technically stylized map of Delaware.

This document provides an overview of DTI’s current priorities including workforce modernization, operations, secure end user services, federal funding opportunities, digital government, broadband and cybersecurity.

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DTI Strategic Plan (2020 – 2025)

DTI Strategic Plan

Technology plays an important role in delivering the services and information that the citizens of Delaware use each and every day. While we continue to face economic and budgetary challenges, we have unique opportunities to shape our future with the focused and direct usage of state-of-the-art technology to address increased citizen demand for services while making government more efficient.

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Broadband Strategic Plan

Broadband Strategic Plan

Governor Carney’s Action Plan for Delaware identified broadband as a key player in the support of economic growth and development, education, and public safety initiatives.

Learn more about Delaware’s plan to address broadband service gaps and “digital equity.”

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