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Strategic Supplier Partnerships Helps DTI Help Others

Technology plays an important role in delivering the services and information that the citizens of Delaware use each and every day. While we continue to face economic and budgetary challenges, we have unique opportunities to shape our future with the focused and direct usage of state-of-the-art technology to address increased citizen demand for services while making government more efficient.

Before filling out our form below, remember that DTI wants to know how partnerships with our suppliers can assist us in achieving the goals in our Strategic Priorities.

  1. Support Efficient Citizen Digital Government Experiences

    Objective 1.1: Promote a Unified “Enterprise Government” Culture

    Objective 1.2: Prioritize and Invest in Digital Government
  2. Advance Enterprise IT Services

    Objective 2.1: Establish Enterprise-wide IT Policy, Standards, and Governance

    Objective 2.2: Refine and Mature Enterprise IT Service Delivery
  3. Modernize Delaware’s IT Workforce

    Objective 3.1: Modernize Job Classifications

    Objective 3.2: Create a Continuous Learning Environment

    Objective 3.3: Increase the Diversity of the IT Workforce
  4. Foster Cybersecurity Excellence

    Objective 4.1: Establish Digital Identity Access Management (IAM) Reaching all Individuals in Relationship with Delaware

    Objective 4.2: Underwrite and Fully Integrate Cybersecurity Risk Management and Governance

    Objective 4.3: Establish a Secure Application Delivery Protocol
  5. Promote Business Intelligence

    Objective 5.1: Establish Enterprise Data Program

    Objective 5.2: Foster an Enterprise-aware IT Governance Model that Encourages Innovation, Automation, and Integration

More Things to Consider Before Submitting…

  • Do You Know DTI?
    No really, do you? The quickest way to engage with DTI is to show us how your product or service addresses the needs of the State of Delaware (government or its residents).
  • Operational Efficiency and Resiliency
    DTI prioritizes maximizing public benefit and ensuring financial, operational, and environmental sustainability.
  • Equity and Accessibility
    Always check for and address barriers in your product or service that may result in inequitable service delivery or unintended biases.
  • Privacy and Cybersecurity
    Do your policies comply with DTI’s Standards and Policies?
  • Real Problem Solving
    Refer to strong and well evidenced use cases with proof of concept that demonstrate need, business case, and public benefit.
  • Pre-Formatted Sales Pitch
    We can tell when companies CTL-FIND-REPLACE State X with Delaware. Not cool.

Note: All submissions are considered unsolicited proposals.

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