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What is an “IT Project” ?

Below is a sample of a few of the Information Technology (IT) projects currently being managed by the Department of Technology and Information (DTI). DTI’s dedicated staff of project managers, with a cumulative experience of over 250 years in the Information Technology field, supports DTI’s customer Agencies by leading resources to achieve completion of Agency IT initiatives. These projects are temporary group activities designed to produce a unique IT product, service or result whose origins can be traced to the customer Agency’s primary mission to serve the public:

If you have any questions, please contact the Project Portfolio Management Team.


Office of the Governor / Boards and Commission Application (1806161)
Logo: Department of Technology and InformationProject Description: This project is to build a new application that will be used by Governor's office and Legislative personnel to maintain Boards and Commissions membership. The application is being developed on the Salesforce platform that provides flexibility and scalability to the users.

Current Status: The project is working to finalize the requirements from both the Governor's Office and the Legislature. Development will resume when the requirements review is complete and approved.

Department of Technology and Information / Information Technology Centralization (BC0001317)
Logo: Department of Technology and InformationProject Description: In accordance with Senate Bill 153, all Executive Branch technical personnel and assets will be centralized in order to deliver technology in the most efficient and consistent manner possible with the resources the state has available. IT centralization offers the greatest chance for Delaware to modernize and evolve its IT infrastructure and resources in a way that best supports agency business needs to meet citizen expectations now and into the future.

Current Status: DTI has effectively analyzed the organization, infrastructure, services, vendor contracts and financials to develop target state objectives. The amended Title 29 legislation, which authorizes the establishment of a technology shared services model, was signed by the Governor in August 2019. The program team is currently working with each Executive Branch agency to gather the critical data required to establish an enterprise model. However, due to the demands of Covid-19 response on State technology resources, centralization activities have been delayed. DTI is actively preparing a path forward and revised timeline to continue this important work.

Department of Technology and Information / DTI - Implementation of Data Analytics Tool for Statewide Use (BC0001294)
Logo: Department of Technology and InformationProject Description: The purpose of this project is to implement Microsoft Power BI, a data analytics tool that can be used by DTI and users within other state agencies for the analysis of data and development of dashboards. Power BI will empower users to retrieve, combine, interact with, and visualize data from various sources, providing them with greater insight into their business processes, their industries, and their customers. By giving users fast and convenient access to their agency’s information; performance and decision making can be greatly improved.

Current Status: This project is in the Execution phase. The Data Analytics tool is actively in use across several State agencies, and is now facilitated by the Department of Technology and Information as an enterprise offering. The Power BI report server build has now been completed and is awaiting configuration.

Department of Technology and Information / Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise Implementation (MP1906570)
Logo: Department of Technology and InformationProject Description: The project is to establish a statewide implementation of Microsoft Office 365 for email and productivity tools to replace the existing on-premise solutions for all non-K12 agencies. It will also establish an overall 365 Governance program for the base tooling and future 365 service enablements as they become available to GCC tenants. This project lays the foundation for the Phase II collaboration services project and all future 365 new service enablement. This effort enforces statewide standardization, licensing compliance and tracking, as well as provide better cost predictability and centralized support model. Other benefits of this platform include increased workforce mobility, reduction in the server footprint in the State's data center currently dedicated to email and file servers.

Current Status: The project is winding down the execution phase with goal of completing by June 2021. The first statewide milestone of this multi-year project was completed in January 2019, when a statewide primary email domain change from to occurred. The project team to date has completed Phase I onboarding to Office 365 for 36 different state organizations. Phase I Onboarding is focused on four main deliverables. Those are multi-factor authentication enrollment for all users, deployment of Office 365 Pro Plus desktop software to all state desktops and laptops, transitioning existing enterprise exchange voicemail customers to the new Cisco Unity Voicemail solution, and finally migrating all current on-premise email accounts to Exchange online in the 365 governement cloud. There are only two state organizations left to complete their Phase I onboarding.

Department of Technology and Information / Phase II 365 Collaborative Services Bundle implementation (BC0001586)
Logo: Department of Technology and InformationProject Description: This is the second statewide project related to the State of Delaware's adoption of Microsoft 365 across the enterprise. Phase I was baseline onboarding of email and Office 365 Pro Plus. This project is focuses on planning the statewide enablement of the 365 collaborative services. This will be a stepped approach with the initial bundle being focused on file collaboration services including Teams, One Drive, SharePoint Online, Planner, Lists, One Note and Office online. Other components will follow later when ready to transition all functionality employees rely on Skype for Business for. Its a mindshift to use the new toolsets for collaboration so getting them use to it before planning the removal of Skype for Business.

Current Status: There have been 26 state departments fully enabled with the collaboration toolset of 365. A listing of who is shown at the top of the website - FAQ page. The most recent organization fully enabled for Phase II collaboration tools was Department of State. There are only 3 state organizations that are left to be enabled and two are still working through Phase I baseline onboarding. The other who completed onboarding last year is Deparatment of Finance.

Department of Technology and Information / Delaware Technology and Information SharePoint On-Premise Environment Migration to SharePoint 365 (BC0001582)
Logo: Department of Technology and InformationProject Description: The Delaware Department of Information and Technology (DTI) is migrating their current on-premise instance of SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 365 within the Microsoft 365 cloud. This move will reduce overall cost as well as provide new and improved collaborative functionality to DTI and their supported agencies

Current Status: The new Cloud Based Sharepoint Online Team Site Environment is up and running. Content owenrs are migrating their data and testing in anticipation of a cutover. Final review of sites are next and we plan to start migrations in May.

Department of Technology and Information / DTI Oracle Database 19c Upgrade (BC0001679)
Logo: Department of Technology and InformationProject Description: This project focuses on modernizing operating systems and data bases that are coming out of support to ensure that the State is effectively managing hardware and software to the most up to date standard. For this project the State will be installing and implementing new operating system and/or data base versions prior to each systems "end of life" date. These upgrades will ensure: 1) that each system meets best practice standards, 2) system security is optimized, and 3) that each system will continue to have consistent life-cycle support.

Current Status: The team has stood up an effective triage process whereby each system by application is reviewed with the application owner to determine the individualized plan to address the database, operating system or both, if needed. Once the individualized plan has been determined the team works with the application stakeholder(s) until all upgrades are complete. Each system is thoroughly tested to ensure that the upgrade was successful. The DTI Oracle Database 19c / Linux OS Upgrade project is 20% complete and is on-track with no issues.

Department of Human Resources / Process Workflow Tracking (BC0001634)
Logo: Department of Technology and InformationProject Description: Identify a solution to replace the current custom HR Classification Tracking System. The new solution will capture data from HR forms and allow personnel to view, track the workflow required for each form, and provide electronic signature capabilities for both the requester and the approval process.

Current Status: This project continues to be in requirements gathering mode. The project Manager is working with the project team to identify process workflows and capture detailed requirements.

Department of State / New Castle County Courthouse Renovations (BC0001558)
Logo: Department of Technology and InformationProject Description: Historical Courthouse in New Castle County in conjunction with the Department of Technology and Information have upgraded the connectivity of the building from copper phone and dial-up lines to fiber optics.

Current Status: Fiber installation is complete to the building and customer now has connectivity using a 100Mbps TLS circuit and VoIP phones. Site now meets state standards for IT connectivity.

Dept. of Nat Resources and Environmental Ctrl / DNREC - Energy and Climate Grant Management Solution (BC0001122)
Logo: Department of Technology and InformationProject Description: DNREC – Division of Energy and Climate requires a system to manage the applications and grant requests for the Green Energy Fund (GEF) and the Energy Efficiency Investment Fund (EEIF). This project is to implement an application to manage the grant requests and provide robust reporting for the program.

Current Status: The Division of Energy has implemented a government grants management solution to track and manage the application requests for the Energy Efficiency Investment Fund (EEIF). The EEIF Grant Management System has gone live for EEIF Staff effective, February 15, 2021. The Applicant Portal will be brought live by May 1st.

Dept. of Nat Resources and Environmental Ctrl / Boiler Safety and Accidental Release Application Enhancement (BC0001827)
Logo: Department of Technology and InformationProject Description: The DNREC Division of Waste and Hazardous Substance has requested assistance from DTI to discover and document the programs requirements for a Bioler Safety and Accidental Release application to replace an aged application that is no longer meeting the programs needs.

Current Status: DTI has been asked to assist the Bioler Safety program with the discovery and documentation of the program's requirements for a new Boiler Safety application. A DTI Project Manager has been assigned and is starting the discovery process.

Dept. of Nat Resources and Environmental Ctrl / DNREC ePermitting, Licensing and Registration (BC0001160)
Logo: Department of Technology and InformationProject Description: DNREC seeks to replace most, if not all, of its permitting, licensing and registration applications with a dynamic and customer friendly portal. This cloud based solution will interface with online payment acceptance, First Map, EQuIS, compliance monitoring, as well as DNRECtory.

Current Status: After launching Fish and Wildife Recreational Licensing and Hunting programs; users have established over 117,000 personal accounts and completed over 270,000 transactions. The next scheduled deployments will include business enterprise programs from Waste Hazardous Substances, some Air Quality's programs, Division of Water, and commercial fishing licenses through 2021.

Dept. of Nat Resources and Environmental Ctrl / DNREC - Electronic Content Mgmt Sys (ECM) (1604558)
Logo: Department of Technology and InformationProject Description: This project is the next phase of the vision to make environmental information available to 'anyone, anywhere, on any device.' Existing paper and electronic files will be stored in a single consistent electronic repository.

Current Status: Work continues with the selected vendor to build the electronic repository. Air Quality, Office of the Secretary, Parks, Climate Coastal and Energy, Community Affairs, and Fish and Wildlife are live on the system! Watershed, Water, and Waste and Hazardous are testing the system.

Department of Safety and Homeland Security / DEMA Grant Management Suite Implementation (BC0001583)
Logo: Department of Technology and InformationProject Description: The Delaware Emergency Management Agency is seeking to implement a grants management solution for their grant funding opportunities. The goal is to integrate the DEMA workflows into the DSHS Grants Management Suite application, which has been implemented for the Office of the Secretary and the Office of Highway Safety. The targeted implementation date for the DEMA workflows is November 2021.

Current Status: The project team has been actively engaged in project execution activities with the vendor and the project schedule has been baselined. The Project Team has completed training and is preparing test plans for the initial User Acceptance Testing (UAT) activities. UAT training and kick off for Milestone #1 is underway. The project scope is comprised of 14 major milestones and deliverables, and the project is scheduled to be completed in November 2021.

Department of Labor / Department of Labor Contractor Registration (BC0001392)
Logo: Department of Technology and InformationProject Description: Per Bill 95 recently signed into legislation, this project is to create a public facing portal that will allow contractors operating in the State of Delaware to register in accordance with the law. The portal will collect and store specific data elements regarding the contractor, accept payment of registration fees and provide publicly accessible lookup of contractor registrations status.

Current Status: The project is in the execution phase and is on target to be completed on schedule. Testing is underway. User acceptance testing with Department of Industrial Affairs resources is complete, and issues that were indentified are being resolved in realtime where possible. The project is on schedule to be implemented by 06.30.2021

Department of Elections / Election Night Reporting (MP1906922)
Logo: Department of Technology and InformationProject Description: This project is to create a new solution for Elections night reporting. This project entails capturing business requirements, creating a technical design and the implementation of the reporting solution.

Current Status: The project is in the execution phase and the project team is finalizing the reporting site and Power BI reports design for the upcoming May school board elections.

Fire Prevention Commission / Fire School Information System (BC0001481)
Logo: Department of Technology and InformationProject Description: The Fire School Student Recordkeeping application is being re-architected using modern technology to manage Fire School courses, students, clients, and instructors. This is a multi-phase project with Phase 1 scheduled for completion, July 2021.

Current Status: Phase 1 development and testing is under way.

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