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In late 2003, the Technology and Architecture Standards Committee (TASC) was created. In cooperation with the IRM subcommittee on policies and standards, a process was adopted to develop enterprise standards that are comprehensive and current. The standards are to be drafted in a collaborative way and periodically reviewed.

In 2005, enterprise policies were added to the TASC responsibilities. To date, over 30 enterprise standards and policies have been created and approved by the State CIO.

In order to join an email list that sends you an email notification when a change has been made to the State of Delaware’s enterprise standards or policies, please send an email to and respond to the confirmation email.

The State’s Architecture Review Board (ARB) uses a variety of templates to effectively gather information about solutions being planned for deployment in the State. These templates include ‘RFP Requirements for Submission of a Data Dictionary or Data Model’ and ‘Data Model Samples’. These templates are located on our ARB Templates page.

Date shown is the last updated/reviewed date.


Acceptable Use Policy – 09/15/2017
     Acceptable Use Policy Self Test – 06/27/2017

Domain Naming Standards – 10/20/2017
     Domain Name Request Process

Social Media Policy – 05/15/2018

Website Common Look and Feel – 12/04/2017
     Website CLF Supporting Documents – 12/04/2017


Cabling and Wiring– 02/20/2019

Secure 3270 Emulator Standard – 06/14/2018

Wireless Policy – 10/05/2018

Wireless Standard – 10/05/2018

System Management

Data Center Policy – 06/06/2018

Software Policy – 06/06/2018

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