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A Telecommunications Technology Investment Act of the Public Utilities Act of 1974, the State of Delaware has created the “Delaware Broadband Fund” (Fund) to support and enhance broadband services in the State’s public schools and public libraries and for rural broadband initiatives in unserved areas of the State.

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Broadband Access and Speed Survey

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Delaware is exploring various ways to improve internet service. We have a survey and speed test that are designed to gather data about the availability and speed of internet service, including to identify locations that lack such service.

This information is vital for planning efforts to expand access to high-speed broadband across Delaware.

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Cloud First

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Delaware was the first state to move into the cloud, according to the National Association of Chief Information Officers. (NASCIO). In 2009 DTI developed a private cloud system. Since inception, DTI has virtualized 80 percent of state governments’ physical servers into a private cloud and continues to work on the remaining 20 percent.

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Current Projects

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DTI’s dedicated staff of project managers, with a cumulative experience of over 250 years in the Information Technology field, supports DTI’s customer Agencies by leading resources to achieve completion of Agency IT initiatives.

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Delaware has a new Single Sign-On solution for the state workforce. The new identity validation solution, built on Okta’s platform, provides unparalleled ease of use and increases network security.

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Information Technology Centralization

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Delaware Information Technology Centralization’s goal is IT Efficiency, along with delivering cost-effective support of digital government services. Delaware began its IT Centralization initiative nearly two decades ago with the creation of DTI. ITC progress continues as Delaware’s technology landscape continues to evolve.

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Office 365 Government Cloud line up offers a host of proven applications for seamless secure collaboration, communication, and productivity. Tools Delaware employees are already familiar with are included in our Office 365 Government licensing and more.

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Open Data

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The Delaware Open Data Council brings together a team from state government focused specifically on making more data available to members of the public. The Council is tasked with managing the Open Data Portal, promoting open data, establishing a statewide data strategy, and recommending data standards for public data.

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Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that brings customers and companies together.

It is one integrated CRM platform that provides a single, shared view of every customer for convenience and ease.

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