Delaware Department of
Technology & Information

Delaware Department of
Technology & Information

Information Technology Centralization

Millions Saved and Costs Avoided

The goal of Information Technology (IT) Centralization is to make state government more efficient and cost effective. Prior to the IT Centralization initiative, there were more than 10+ data centers and server rooms in the state of Delaware with over 1,000 applications in use. By centralizing the key IT functions, the state of Delaware is streamlining IT services by providing consistent, quality support to all state agencies and departments, while leveraging applications to reduce redundancy, increase service delivery and risk mitigation, and increase cost savings.

What is being centralized?

  • Enterprise Desktop (PCs and laptops) Services
  • Hardware (servers)
  • Software
  • Applicable IT Personnel to the Department of Technology and Information

Here are some of the benefits and cost savings realized from centralizing IT resources:


DTI Hosts and Is Fully Engaged with 10 Executive Branch Departments

Consolidated 5 Data Centers (DOS, DOE, DOF, DDA, DEDO) Saving Over $500,000 Annually

Consolidated Help Desk Support for 4,500 PCs

Reduced 9 FTE IT Positions Through Attrition – $640K Savings

Eliminated 5 IT Contractor Positions – $262K Savings

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