Delaware Department of
Technology & Information

Delaware Department of Technology & Information

ITC Status

The ITC focus towards the Secure End User Services (SEUS) service delivery model has presented the opportunity to revisit Delaware’s centralization status. Below is a list of agencies that are currently in scope for SEUS evaluation and implementation as well as the timeline.


Delaware State Housing Authority

Planning Required

Delaware Emergency Management Agency
Delaware Judicial Information System
Delaware State Police
Department of Correction
Department of Education
Department of Elections
Department of Health and Social Services
Department of Labor
Office of Defense Services
Office of Pensions

Legacy ITC Agencies

(Require alignment with SEUS)

Criminal Justice Council
Department of Agriculture
Department of Finance
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control
Department of Safety and Homeland Security
Department of State
Department of Transportation
Governor’s Advisory Council for Exceptional Citizens
Legislative, General Assembly
Office of the Governor
Office of the Lieutenant Governor
Office of the State Auditor
Office of the State Treasurer
State Fire Prevention Commission

Completed SEUS Transition

Department of Human Resources
Office of Management and Budget

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