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Delaware Department of Technology & Information

About DTI


About CIO Jason Clarke

Acting CIO Jason Clarke

Jason Clarke is dedicated to developing relationships and driving outcomes that deliver customer-oriented enterprise technology solutions for the state agencies and citizens of Delaware.

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About DTI

Who is DTI? text overlaying a technology background

The Department of Technology and Information (DTI) is the state’s central IT organization, chartered to (1) deliver core services to other state organizations and (2) exercise governance over the technology direction and investments of the state.

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Technology Background with Information Technology Centralization text overlay

Delaware Information Technology Centralization’s goal is IT Efficiency, along with delivering cost-effective support of digital government services. Delaware began its IT Centralization initiative nearly two decades ago with the creation of DTI. ITC progress continues as Delaware’s technology landscape continues to evolve.

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The Department of Technology and Information is committed to transparency and openness. Requests under Delaware’s Freedom of Information Act (29 Del.C. §§ 10001 et seq.) may be submitted using the State of Delaware’s Online FOIA Request Form.

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Leadership: DTI Offices and Teams

Leadership: Offices and Teams

DTI leadership is composed of seven different offices which are responsible for developing and supporting statewide Delaware Government technology.

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Welcome to the DTI Newsroom! Here you will find the latest news and publications related to our agency.

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Privacy Policy

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The State of Delaware is committed in maintaining the privacy and security of all citizens’ personal information.

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Representation: Boards & Committees

Boards & Committees text overlaying a technology background.

Personnel from the Department of Technology and Information (DTI) serve on various committees and task forces. Citations establishing the committee and task force are included where applicable.

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Strategic Plan

Image of the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan Document

Technology plays an important role in delivering the services and information that the citizens of Delaware use each and every day. While we continue to face economic and budgetary challenges, we have unique opportunities to shape our future with the focused and direct usage of state-of-the-art technology to address increased citizen demand for services while making government more efficient.

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