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Procurement Services

The Procurement Services Team is available to support DTI by facilitating the competitive procurement process, providing consult on vendor agreements, and managing the DTI contract portfolio and repository.

A competitive procurement involves the State receiving bids from sellers or vendors through public advertisement and the evaluation of those bids before choosing a supplier. The Procurement Services Team ensures competitive procurement contracts are established, renewed, and negotiated in a competitive and transparent process that protects the best interests of DTI and the State. Competitively bid contracts will be managed throughout their lifecycle by the Procurement Services Team to best serve State users.

Statewide competitively bid mandatory use contracts are also in-scope for the Procurement Services Team. Where in agreement with Office of Management and Budget, Government Support Services, the DTI Procurement Services Team has partnered to facilitate the process for selected technology agreements.

Contact Procurement Services

Vendor Agreement and Quote Review: All review requests should be sent via email to the Procurement Services Team. Your request will be documented and instructions for how to complete an Intake Request in the DTI Procurement Portal will be sent at that time.

Notifications: Want to find out about contract renewals, extensions, new procurement training, etc.? Sign up by sending an email with the subject line: DTI Procurement Notifications – Add.

(State Employees Only)

Procurement Services Team

Lacey Hutchison Procurement Officer (302) 739-9619
Amy Miller Procurement Officer (302) 739-9683
Felicia Pearson Procurement Officer (302) 739-9684

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