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Roddy Flynn Named Executive Director of DE Broadband Office

DOVER, Del. — Chief Information Officer (CIO) Jason Clarke today announced that Roddy Flynn will lead the state’s connectivity efforts as the Executive Director of the newly-formed Delaware Broadband Office. Flynn most recently served as the Deputy Director of Congressional Affairs for the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). Appointed by the White House, Flynn […]

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Technology Upgrades for State Public Meeting Sites

The pandemic created a need for more virtual opportunities and the appropriate technology to enhance meaningful experiences. ARPA funding will be used to upgrade 10 conference rooms with audio/visual technology across the State. Remote access, enabled by anchor rooms, also provides access to meetings for members of the public who might not be able to […]

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Security Incident Detection and Response Capacity

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Delaware added multiple citizen-facing applications and saw substantial growth in public health, unemployment insurance and small business traffic. These events, as well as the overall increase in threat activity, must be logged and monitored. While federal compliance and FOIA requirements demand seven years of log retention, Delaware’s current limitations only support storage up to 90 days. State logging systems are at max capacity. […]

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Network Modernization

Network modernization will accommodate citizens expanded State facility usage when utilizing public kiosks, connectivity of personal devices, engagement, etc. Software-defined networking (SDN)  is the foundation for everything else – SDN intent-based networks, Software Defined-Wide Area Network (WAN), Automation and Zero Touch. SDN is required to support and provide the flexibility for Agency’s to connect to Cloud […]

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Mainframe Modernization

The State’s IT mainframe technology is the backbone for processing many critical citizen services. Applications and services that will be aided by modernization include: The Labor Unemployment Insurance program will benefit from reduced processing spikes that risk delays affecting assistance delivery to workers and families facing negative circumstances due to the pandemic. State and local […]

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GIS – Geospatial Datasets

Delawareans rely heavily on geographical information on a daily basis. Vital datasets from Imagery, Land Use Land Cover and Lidar datasets are critically out of date. Modernization means that maps and data will be updated with the new Route 301, many road modifications, several new schools, nursing homes, assisted living centers, daycares, housing developments, and  Bayhealth hospital.

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Digital Government Platform

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in many state agencies quickly enabling online capabilities to continue providing resident and visitor services, while much of the agencies’ staff worked remotely. This resulted in an increased number of websites for residents to navigate, created more logon IDs and passwords, and replicated residents’ names / addresses across agencies.  More importantly, […]

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Digital Accessibility

Digital adoption was flourishing prior to COVID-19, but we are now seeing a further increasing need to provide accessible technology to all Delawareans.  Technology provides key and timely information, planning platforms to keep communities safe, and mitigates long-term challenge recovery.  Ensuring accessibility is of more importance during pandemics and other crises. Digital transformation has the power […]

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Data Center Modernization

To provide continuous improvement and long-term stability, Delaware will be transitioning our workloads to ensure that our data is stored, managed, processed, and secured using innovative technologies including virtualization and automation. This transition modernizes and opens workloads to numerous features only available in the cloud that will promote secure remote or hybrid work, position hosted […]

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Digital Government

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated—in some cases, by years—the advent of truly digital government. Prior to the pandemic, Delaware agencies have been making digital advances, albeit at various rates. After the pandemic hit, everything changed — digital was no longer optional. Delaware needs secure digital infrastructure, a digital workforce, and citizen-facing connectivity that will lay […]

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