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Technology-based solutions and communication devices are woven into all aspects of our professional and personal lives. Often, business and individuals have struggled to determine the appropriate use of technology. The State of Delaware provides an Acceptable Use Policy which defines the acceptable use of various technologies in our professional lives in service to our citizens.

All State of Delaware employees are required to comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and government regulations. This includes compliance with agency requirements within the State organization.

If there is ambiguity or confusion regarding any part of this policy, contact your supervisor or Agency/School District or Affiliate IRM. Agency/School District or Affiliate IRM’s can contract DTI by sending an email to


AUP Self Test

This quiz is based on information in the State of Delaware’s Acceptable Use Policy. All users, after reading the AUP Policy, are encouraged to take this “self-test” to help them insure that they have a good understanding of this policy. Users should keep taking the self-test until they achieve a score of 100%.

Please Note: Click on “Grade Quiz” (at bottom of form) to see how you do! Incorrect answers will be checked, and the number of correct answers displayed. Answers are available after the quiz is graded (click on the [Ans] buttons).

1 The best place to keep my password is?
2 You receive an email from “Customer Service” stating that a virus has been identified on your machine and asking you to click on the link to allow them access to fix your machine.
3 The State's network can routinely be used to obtain or transfer data or images via audio or video. True     False
4 John M. Sanders was born on July 27, 1976. He is ready to select a password for his computer account. Which of the following is his best choice?
5 Use of the computing resources at my job at the State of Delaware is a?
6 State anti-virus software should be used on your office computer and never turned off. True     False
7 Recognizing that some information is intended for specific individuals and may not be appropriate for general distribution, users should exercise caution when forwarding electronic messages. True     False
8 It is OK to give a copy of software to someone else under the following circumstances
9 Sometimes I can't keep up with all my e-mail at work, so it's okay to set up an auto-forward rule to send all of my mail to my personal gmail account. True     False
10 Employees should not download personally owned software on a State Computer. True     False
11 I just received a great joke or adorable picture that I know my co-worker would love. It is OK to e-mail the joke to my co-worker because I that they will enjoy it. True     False
12 My co-worker just told me about a new website he discovered on his home computer that helps his children practice math skills. Should I go on my computer at work to check it out now or wait till I get home?
13 Communicating on the State network is considered public and therefore users should have no expectation of privacy in regard to e-mail or network communications. True     False
14 My dear Aunt Hilda just learned how to use e-mail and she likes to use my work e-mail to send me weekly updates on Uncle Hank and the kids. What should I do?
15 It is OK to share my network password with:
16 Listening to Pandora, radio, or other streaming music sites over the Internet is acceptable as long as fellow staff members are not bothered. True     False
17 ESPN's website is providing great coverage of the Olympics. The best place to check this out is:
18 A reliable co-worker gives me a USB drive containing a weekly report, She assures me that the USB drive is virus free. I should:
19 Now, more than ever, it is critical that every user understands this policy and supports our efforts to protect the State's resources from sabotage, espionage, hacking and misuse. The State's network strips away literally tens of thousands of unsolicited messages, viruses, and highly suspect messages containing executable files. This attack on our network continues to grow each month. Who is responsible to help protect these State Resources?
20 It is important to understand and follow the State's Acceptable Use Policy because not doing so may:


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