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Boards and Committees

Personnel from the Department of Technology and Information (DTI) serve on various committees and task forces as identified below. Citations establishing the committee and task force are included where applicable.

Chair: Tony Collins, DTI Enterprise Architect
Sponsor: Other

The ARB is a team of experienced IT professionals from the DTI and the IRM Council. The board evaluates the technological merits of proposed solutions to business cases that are submitted to the iTIC.

Member: Jason Clarke, Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Sponsor: 11 Del. C. §8701 (b) (21)

The Delaware Criminal Justice Council (CJC) is an independent body committed to leading the criminal justice system through a collaborative approach that calls upon the experience and creativity of the Council, all components of the system, and the community. The Council shall continually strive for an effective system that is fair, efficient, and accountable.

Emergency Services Coordinator: Sandra Alexander, DTI Disaster Recovery Coordinator
Sponsor: Executive Order 15

The Delaware Continuity Coordinator Council (DECCC)* is an information-based group providing a supportive environment for Continuity Coordinators and plan builders from all State of Delaware organizations to provide opportunities for training, professional growth, and information sharing amongst neighboring organizations in support of the Governor’s Executive Order 15 requiring all State of Delaware organizations to participate in the COOP Project sponsored by the Delaware Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) assisted by the Department of Technology and Information (DTI).

Member & Non-voting member: James Collins, Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Sponsor: 11 Del. C. §8603 (d) (3)

DELJIS purpose is to manage and maintain (1) an accurate and efficient criminal justice information system in Delaware consistent with Chapter 85 of Delaware Code and applicable federal law and regulations, (2) the need of criminal justice agencies and courts of the State for accurate and current criminal justice information, and (3) the right of individuals to be free from improper and unwarranted intrusions into their privacy.

CIO-Chair: James Collins, Chief Information Officer (CIO)
CSO-Member: Solomon Adote, Chief Security Officer (CSO)
Sponsor: Executive Order 55

DCSAC is the established central interface for coordinating cybersecurity information sharing between and among public and private sectors.

Member: David Bennett, DTI Applications Development Manager
Sponsor: 29 Del. C. §9143 (a) (2)

The Delaware Geographic Data Committee (DGDC) is a cooperative effort among government, the academic sector, and the private sector to build a Delaware GIS Community and improve the coordination of the use of GIS tools and spatial data in Delaware. The committee was established to ensure the availability of geospatial data, promote the use and sharing of that data and of geographic information system (GIS) software and tools, establish data standards, and support a community of geospatial data providers and geospatial data users in Delaware.

Member: Chris Cohan, Chief of Policy and Communications (CPC)
Sponsor: 16 Del C. §10302 (a) (2)

DHIN is a not-for-profit body both politic and corporate, which shall have the rights, obligations, privileges and purpose to promote the design, implementation, operation, and maintenance of facilities for public and private use of health care information in the State. The DHIN shall be the State’s sanctioned provider of health information exchange services. It is intended that the DHIN be a public-private partnership for the benefit of all citizens of this State. The DHIN shall ensure the privacy of patient health care information in the State of Delaware.

Member: Mark Cabry, DTI Director of Network Engineering
Sponsor: 26 Del. C. §221 (b) (5)

The Delaware Telecommunications Relay Service Advisory Committee oversees the Delaware Relay services contract, the Delaware Relay web site, new product announcements, and all associated outreach programs. Delaware Relay is a free service that provides full telephone accessibility to people who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf-blind, and speech-disabled. This service allows text-telephone (TTY), computer, wireless device, or videophone users to communicate with standard telephone users through specially trained relay operators. The Telecommunications Relay Service Advisory Committee also advises any public utility which is authorized by the Commission to provide a statewide telecommunications relay service, and also advises any contractor, designee, agent or assign of such public utility on matters related to the use of the telecommunications relay service.

Member: James Collins, Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Sponsor: GA 148, HB 342

The Task Force shall consider the voting equipment options presented by the Commissioner and decide which option to recommend for purchase or lease.

Member: James Collins, Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Sponsor: DSCYF requested the DTI participation

The FOCUS project will develop a case management system that integrates all of the DSCYF systems to one enterprise-wide solution. The system will integrate the business processes and operations of the Division of Family Services, the Division of Youth Rehabilitation Services, the Division of Prevention and Behavioral Health, and the Division of Management Support Services. The FOCUS Project Steering Committee oversee all aspects of the project.

Member: Earle Dempsey, DTI Customer Engagement Manager
Sponsor: DOE

DLC is open to all public school (including Charter Schools) entities that agree to collaborate in the systemic improvement of efforts related to digital learning. DLC is a partnership with the purpose of (a) Promoting digital learning and technology literacy for all students; and (b) Exploring, designing and modeling professional development that utilizes best practices in instructional technology.

Member: Chris Cohan, Chief of Policy and Communications (CPC)
Sponsor: GA 147, HB 96

The committee review and support the need for enhanced rural broadband initiatives in under-served areas of the State, as well as broadband access at public schools and public libraries.

Educational Technology Taskforce
Member: Gerald Whisman, DTI Director of Systems Engineering
Sponsor: GA 148, SCR 22

The DLC formed as a result of Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 22 to ensure that all Delaware students have access to modern and effective educational technologies that enhance learning and promote college and career readiness.

Member: James Collins, Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Sponsor: 16 Del. C §10005 (c)

Enhanced 911 Emergency Reporting System Service Board acts in an advisory capacity to the Governor, the DSHS Secretary, and the General Assembly on all matters related to the E-911 system, service, and funding thereof. The service is an integrated wireline and wireless 911-Enhanced Emergency Number Service throughout the State in order to improve and/or enhance emergency communication procedures. The E-911 Board is co-chaired between CIO James Collins and Secretary Robert Coupe of DSHS (Homeland Security). E-911 includes Next Generation 911 (NG 911), an Internet Protocol (IP) based system capable of transmitting digital data.

Co-Chair: James Collins, Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Sponsor: OMB/Finance/DTI Initiated

ERP refers to the integration of systems and functions to form an enterprise. System Integration provides for efficient completion of separate but interdependent business processes eliminating the need to maintain multiple unconnected systems. The ERP system consists of Payroll Human Resource Statewide Technology (PHRST) and First State Financials (FSF). The ERP committee oversees all aspect of the ERP system.

Member: James Collins, Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Sponsor: GA 148, SB 285 Section 30, Line (23) (h)

A task force to assess the State’s current approach to means-tested eligibility programs and consider the adoption of a common solution linking the State’s means-tested eligibility entitlement programs together to ensure the data is correct and current and to reduce the opportunity for false statements or omissions of information. The task force will report, by April 15, 2017, best practices, existing legal and systematic barriers, and recommendations on how to improve current technology used and the feasibility of a common solution.

Member: Solomon Adote, Chief Security Officer (CSO)
Sponsor: Executive Order 21

The purpose of the Council shall be to provide advice, counsel, and assistance to the Secretary of Safety and Homeland Security and the Homeland Security Advisor on the prevention, detection, preparation for, protection against, response to, and recovery from terrorist threats, attacks, man-made or natural catastrophic incidents, and events that may cause disruption to citizens, visitors, and infrastructure of the State of Delaware using an “All Hazards, All Persons” concept.

Co-Chair: Stephanie Wingert, DTI Director of Project Management
Sponsor: Other

Information Resource Managers, and alternates, are appointed by their agency head or school district superintendent and represent their respective agency/school district on the IRM council. The Council is a self-governing body with many subcommittees that address specific technology needs within the state. IRMs are responsible for the development, implementation and management of their information/data processing resources. The role of the IRM is to integrate the IT infrastructure with the business needs of their organization.

Chair: Solomon Adote, Chief Security Officer (CSO)
Sponsor: Other

Information Security Officers (ISOs)* and their alternates are DTI’s main contacts in state organizations, school districts, and higher education facilities for security information. ISOs coordinate system access requests and play an important role in maintaining internal control requirements. Additionally, ISOs maintain accurate information on all network and applications users.

Member: James Collins, Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Sponsor: JDG Advisory Board

The Jobs for Delaware Graduates JDG board of directors and advisory council are comprised of Delaware leaders in education and business who are committed to assisting at-risk youth achieve academic, career, personal and social success JDG was organized in 1979 as a private, non-profit corporation designed to prepare highly at-risk high school seniors for transition from school to work.

Executive Committee Representative: Solomon Adote, Chief Security Officer (CSO)
Sponsor: Other

The MS-ISAC is the focal point for cyber threat prevention, protection, response and recovery for the nation’s state, local, tribal, and territorial governments. The MS-ISAC Executive Committee is comprised of representatives who are elected by the MS-ISAC members to assist in providing strategic guidance and recommendations for the MS-ISAC. The Executive Committee votes on matters brought to its attention coming from workgroups or the members at-large.

Chair: Rhonda Lehman, DTI Shared Enterprise Service (SES) Director
Sponsor: Executive Order 18 & Executive Order 57

The Open Data Council is responsible for establishing and recommending standards and policies to the DTI and other Executive Branch Agencies related to a statewide data strategy, open data, and data sharing among state organizations. The Open Data Portal went live on October 19, 2016.

Member: Rhonda Lehman, DTI Shared Enterprise Service (SES) Director
Sponsor: 14 Del. C. §107

P-20 Council coordinates educational efforts of publicly-funded programs from early care through higher education and foster partnerships among groups concerned with public education. The P-20 Council shall make recommendations designed to ensure a more integrated, seamless education system that enables children to enter school ready to learn, receive challenging instruction throughout their school careers, graduate from high school ready for college and careers, and continue their education through postsecondary study in a way that makes them productive and successful citizens.

Member: Chris Cohan, Chief of Policy and Communications (CPC)
Sponsor: Executive Order 30

The Councils purpose shall be to improve and extend school library services to all Delaware public and charter school students from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade, to support curriculum reform efforts related to school libraries, and to prepare students to succeed in college and career readiness through enhancement of library resources.

Member: Earle Dempsey, DTI Customer Engagement Manager
Sponsor: Executive Order 15

The Delaware STEM Council will advise the Department of Education on issues relating to STEM education and work with the department on plans to accomplish specific goals and objectives for STEM education in Delaware. STEM will review and evaluate education programs being implemented, and work with districts and charter schools on incorporating proven STEM programs.

Member: Solomon Adote, Chief Security Officer (CSO)
Sponsor: Request from former OMB Director Visalli

State agencies are required to obtain the approval from the Office of Management and Budget, the DTI and the Delaware Safety and Homeland Security prior to the purchase of new security systems and prior to upgrading existing systems.

Member: Mark Cabry, DTI Director of Network Engineering
Sponsor: Executive Order 39

The purpose of the SIEC shall be to provide policy-level direction and promote efficient and effective use of resources for matters related to public safety communications interoperability.

Member: Gerald Whisman, DTI Engineering Director
Sponsor: DOE

Advisory Council which meets with Sussex Tech educators to discuss and review technical issues and concerns in the classroom environment.

Chair: Phil Phucas, DTI Enterprise Architect
Sponsor: Other

The Technology and Architecture Standards Committee oversees the development and maintenance of standards and policies that apply to statewide use of technology. The Information Resource Management (IRM) Council is a key contributor to the TASC processes.

Chair: James Collins, Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Sponsor: 29 Del. C. §9013C

The TIC was established to assess, advise, and make recommendations on technology-related funding and on the establishment of a statewide technology plan, to be used by the Budget Director and Governor. The TIC is also charged with enforcing best practices with regard to project management of technology-related efforts, with periodic monitoring of existing technology projects.

Member: Representative from DTI Telecommunication
Coordinator: Earle Dempsey, DTI Customer Engagement Manager
Sponsor: DOE

Council established to ensure an open line of communication between the DTI, Department of Education, and all State of Delaware School Districts.

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