Delaware Broadband Grant Opportunity - Wireless

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the most current Information Technology (IT) staffing contracts located?

All IT staffing contracts are listed in the Awarded Contracts Directory located at

Where can I find information on how to do business with Delaware?

How do I register to receive email alerts when a request for proposal (RFP), invitation to bid (ITB), or request for information (RFI) is posted?

Enroll using the Delaware Notification Service. Please use the helpful links at the Delaware Procurement Portal for assistance if you experience problems or have any questions during the registration process.

Why can't I find any new business opportunities listed here?

The State of Delaware maintains a central Bid Solicitation Directory for RFPs, ITBs and RFIs.

How do I get on the Department of Technology and Information's (DTI) preferred vendor list?

At this time, DTI does not maintain a preferred vendor listing. All interested vendors have the option of enrolling in the Delaware Notification Service to receive email alerts for potential business opportunities.

Where can I find the State of Delaware's Enterprise Standards and Policies?

Enterprise Standards and Policies are located on DTI's Standards and Policies webpage.

Where can I find the ARB Templates?

Go to the ARB Templates page to view all of the available templates.

I received a secure email from a State Employee. How do I read it?

The State of Delaware uses Egress for secure email. For more information, see our help document, or view the Egress Switch Recipient Guide.