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Secure Mail Utility Gateway (SMUG)

SMUG is a replacement for the old SMU system, which in turn was a replacement for CGI email. It gives webmasters an opportunity to use email forms on their pages so users don’t have to use their own email application to send feedback to agencies. When a webmaster creates a form in the system, they are basically “registering” it with SMUG, so it knows exactly what form fields are going to be posted to it, and what to do with the data after it receives it.

Get Access

To gain webmaster access, contact your Agency Administrator. They have full rights to add/edit/delete webmasters for their agency. If you need a new Agency Administrator for your agency, or to find out who your administrator is, contact the DTI Helpdesk.

Agency Administered

SMUG is a user-managed web application for spam resistant, web form based email. Webmasters and agency administrators log in to the service and can create, edit, and delete forms at will. Agency administrators have the additional ability to manage webmasters for their agency, and view emails sent by all the agency’s forms.

Spam Resistant

SMUG uses the same spam resistant technology as our previous SMU system. It analyzes all form submissions and uses different techniques to pull out spam. These techniques are modified on an ongoing basis as new spam threats arise.

Drag and Drop Interface

All a webmaster needs to do is drag and drop the fields they need and create an email template. They can then copy the base form HTML and use it on their webpage, manipulating it there. The form on SMUG and the code on the webpage do not have to match exactly. Just make sure the fields are in both and the mandatory code is untouched.

View All Form Response Emails / Attachments

Agency administrators now have the ability to view all of the emails sent using SMUG, and can re-send or forward them if needed. Attachment fields can be used on forms, and limits on attachments are the same as our internal Exchange limitations. The emails sent from SMU are in text format (not HTML), and the email template is linked to the form on a one to one basis.

State Login Credentials

Webmasters and administrators don’t have to remember another username and password to use SMUG. Instead, both will login using their regular state credentials.