Delaware Department of
Technology & Information

Delaware Department of Technology & Information

Administration Office

Jordan Schulties, Chief of Administration (COA)

The Administration Office, led by the Chief of Administration (COA), includes the Human Resources, Fiscal and Procurement teams. Administration is responsible for ensuring the financial viability of DTI, which requires precise budgeting, transparent cost recovery rates, and investments in cost-effective technology solutions. This office ensures organizational alignment while also being responsible for recruitment, IT procurement and Human Resources compliance.

The COA drives and executes the strategic goals of the organization, promotes leading-edge thinking, provides professional guidance, ensures privacy compliance and leads the process for solving complex accounting and financial issues with high-impact technology solutions that innovate government practices.

The following business units function under the Administration Office:

Xiaofei Ni, Controller

Major responsibilities include:

  • Balance the Departments financial requirements and constraints with its day-to-day objectives and its strategic management initiatives
  • Accounts payable/receivable
  • Telecommunication billing
  • Technology cost management system
  • Payroll administration
  • Cost allocation and inter-governmental vouchers
Human Resources
Kimberly Thornton , Human Resources Administrator

Major responsibilities include:

  • Ensure compliance with all applicable federal and state employment laws and internal policy and procedures
  • Foster an inclusive and diverse workplace
  • Recruit and train an excellent IT workforce
  • Administer compensation plans, benefit packages and pension applications
  • Provide appropriate and secure HR information management
Lacey Hutchison, Procurement Officer

Major responsibilities include:

  • Establish Departmental procurement policies
  • Facilitate the procurement process
  • Educate and assist employees in applying procurement procedures and best practices
  • Ensure fair, ethical and inclusive procurement practices
  • Administer contracts and manage vendor performance and relationships

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