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Enterprise Standards and Policies

In late 2003, the Technology and Architecture Standards Committee (TASC) was created. In cooperation with the IRM subcommittee on policies and standards, a process was adopted to develop enterprise standards that are comprehensive and current. The standards are to be drafted in a collaborative way and periodically reviewed.

In 2005, enterprise policies were added to the TASC responsibilities. To date, over 30 enterprise standards and policies have been created and approved by the State CIO.

In order to join an email list that sends you an email notification when a change has been made to the State of Delaware’s enterprise standards or policies, please send an email to ‘’ and respond to the confirmation email.

The State's Architecture Review Board (ARB) uses a variety of templates to effectively gather information about solutions being planned for deployment in the State. These templates include 'RFP Requirements for Submission of a Data Dictionary or Data Model' and 'Data Model Samples'. These templates are located at

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    Last Updated /Reviewed
Acceptable Use Policy Adobe PDF 09/28/2015
       Acceptable Use Policy Self Test 06/23/2017
Domain Naming Standards Adobe PDF 11/20/2015
       Domain Name Request Process **
Social Media Policy 05/06/2015
Website Common Look and Feel Adobe PDF 05/15/2013
       Website CLF Supporting Documents 05/15/2013
Application Programming Language Standard Adobe PDF 10/06/2016
Application Sourcing Policy Adobe PDF 01/13/2015
Customer Relations Management Standard Adobe PDF 02/16/2016
Middleware Standard Adobe PDF 09/28/2015
Offshore IT Staffing Policy Adobe PDF 02/10/2015
Systems Architecture Standard ** Adobe PDF 05/06/2015
Systems Environment Standard Adobe PDF 06/29/2016
Data Backup and Retention Policy Adobe PDF 10/06/2016
Database Management System Standard Adobe PDF 01/08/2016
Data Classification Policy Adobe PDF 04/04/2014
       Data Classification Guideline Adobe PDF 02/28/2008
Data Integration Standard Adobe PDF 05/15/2013
Data Management Policy Adobe PDF 04/04/2014
Data Modeling Standard Adobe PDF 05/15/2013
Document Imaging Standard Adobe PDF 01/25/2016
Geographic Information System Standard Adobe PDF 10/10/2016
Real Property Electronic Recording Standard Adobe PDF 03/03/2015
Reporting and Data Warehouse Standard Adobe PDF 11/10/2011
Cabling and Wiring Adobe PDF 01/08/2016
Secure 3270 Emulator Standard Adobe PDF 01/25/2016
Wireless Policy Adobe PDF 08/18/2015
Wireless Standard Adobe PDF 08/18/2015
Coordinated Software Purchases Policy Adobe PDF 03/19/2015
Establishment and Promulgation of DTI Enterprise Policies, Standards, Procedures & Best Practices Guidelines Policy Adobe PDF 10/15/2013
       Appendix (1) Adobe PDF 09/14/2010
       Appendix (2) Adobe PDF 09/14/2010
       Appendix (3) Adobe PDF 09/14/2010
Green IT Policy Adobe PDF 03/19/2015
Client Operating System Standard Adobe PDF 05/26/2015
Portable Wireless Network Access Device Policy Adobe PDF 10/16/2014
Server Operating Systems Standard Adobe PDF 08/18/2015
Disclosure of Individual User e-Resource Records Policy Adobe PDF 02/18/2015
       eRecord Request Form Adobe PDF 04/04/2017
Security (Go to Cyber Security subsite)
State of Delaware Information Security Policy (DISP) Adobe PDF 
Building Access Security Standard Adobe PDF
     Authorized ProWatch Vendors
Cloud and Offsite Hosting Policy Adobe PDF
     Cloud and Offsite Hosting Template Public Adobe PDF
     Cloud and Offsite Hosting Template Non-Public Adobe PDF
Disposal of Electronic Equipment and Storage Media Policy Adobe PDF 05/26/2015
Electronic Signature Standard Adobe PDF 12/31/2015
Encryption Key Management Policy Adobe PDF 12/03/2012
Mobile Device Encryption Standard Adobe PDF 05/30/2017
Mobile Device Management Policy Adobe PDF 01/25/2016
Mobile Device Management Standard Adobe PDF 05/26/2015
Remote Access Standard Adobe PDF 12/11/2015
Secure File Transport Adobe PDF 08/18/2015
Secure Email Standard Adobe PDF 11/20/2015
Strong Password Standard Adobe PDF 07/11/2016
Video Surveillance Policy Adobe PDF 12/21/2015
Video Surveillance Standard Adobe PDF 10/10/2014
Virus Protection Standard Adobe PDF 03/29/2016
VPN Policy Adobe PDF 05/30/2017
Web Application Security Adobe PDF 01/02/2015
System Management
Data Center Policy Adobe PDF 08/27/2014
Software Policy Adobe PDF 12/11/2015

Standards and Policies for the State of Zip file
Last Updated: 05/30/2017
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** can be accessed only from within the State of Delaware Network.

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