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Make work, work better

ServiceNow can help your agency simplify the complexity of work by transforming old manual work processes into new modern digital workflows. This gives your employees and customers a faster, simpler and easier experience. DTI has selected ServiceNow to provide IT Service Management (ITSM) in support of centralized IT services for their supported agencies. Other departments such as Transportation, Finance, State and Human Resources are using ServiceNow for their own digital workflows.


Some of the features of ServiceNow include:

Employees can have their own customized homepage to show the tasks they need to complete. These homepages can contain list of tickets based on assignment, or dashboards to show health or demand of services.
Reports can be built and customized to deliver the data you need in the format and schedule you choose. Reports can be run on-demand, scheduled, shared and exported in a variety of formats.
Email Notifications
Email notifications can be configured to be sent to individuals or groups, for any type of activity that occurs on a workflow.
Visual Task Boards
Visual Task Boards give you a different way to allows users to create, view and update multiple task records, which appear as cards that can be moved between lanes, activity streams.

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Knowledge Management
This is a feature that allows users to establish a process for capturing, sharing and searching for knowledge/information across subject areas that are important to your specific organization/team.

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Managed Documents
This feature allows you to associate documents like Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF with a particular ticket or CI such as application or server.

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How can ServiceNow make work work better for your agency?

ServiceNow delivers a platform to allow you to transform your current manual processes into modern digital workflows. These workflows have been grouped into three areas:

Employee Workflows

Employee Workflows Icon
Help employees get what they need, when they need it, with Employee Workflows, so work happens smoothly across siloed systems and departments.

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Customer Workflows

Customer Workflows Icon
Your business depends on great customer service, so give customers the fast, simple, and easy experiences they deserve with Customer Workflows.

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IT Workflows

IT Workflows Icon
Transform the IT experience with digital workflows that make everyday work fast, easy, and productive.

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Want to Learn More?

DTI has a team of ServiceNow specialists that can help your agency utilize this platform. If you would like a demonstration, please contact your agency’s DTI Customer Engagement Specialist, or email, and we will be happy to show you how ServiceNow can make work work better for your agency.


DTI ServiceNow Information

This is a one-stop communication hub for DTI in regards to ServiceNow communications and documentation.

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ServiceNow Out of the Box Training

DTI’s Request Module is now Out of the Box (OOB) with both functionality and look and feel.

To assist with understanding the changes ServiceNow provides OOB training materials – both documentation and videos.

Library of ServiceNow Training Videos

DelDOT ServiceNow Information

This is a one-stop communication hub for DelDOT in regards to ServiceNow communications.

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