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IT Workflows

ServiceNow can transform your agency’s IT experience by aligning to your business priorities and deliver a great user experience.

Below are some of the functions that can be utilized for IT workflows.
Change Management icon

With a centralized system of record and a single integrated change calendar, you’ll minimize the risks and costs associated with rapid changes, and be better positioned to set expectations around change management in your agency

Integrated Change Process Across IT

  • Provide a single, auditable repository of all planned changes and releases
  • Reduce duplication of effort with right-click-integration to other ServiceNow delivery processes
  • Access accurate asset and service information, straight from the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database

Reduce Costs

  • Lower the expense of business-critical service downtime
  • Curtail IT costs of change-related incidents and problems
  • Minimize financial impacts by backing out unsuccessful changes or by quickly deploying change fixes
  • Increase efficiency and accuracy by utilizing the Standard Change Library

Improve Service Relationships with the Business

  • Help users understand the complexity and risks associated with changes
  • Better manage expectations about change timeframes
  • Increase user satisfaction with predictable and well-executed change and release cycles

Gain Insight into Changes and Releases

  • Offer increased visibility into the change schedule with an intuitive change calendar
  • Protect business operations and ensure that the right risk and impact factors are being considered with dynamic calculations in the change risk calculator
  • Understand change conflicts with other changes or blackouts by using embedded ITIL change management collision detection
  • Improve configuration management and asset management data quality through closed-loop change management

Control Change Across Functions

  • Provide insight into the potential business risks associated with an IT change
  • Create, monitor, approve, and execute changes anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Support functional and geographic differences via chat and ServiceNow Live Feed collaboration
  • Leverage virtual chat rooms for emergency approvals or on –the-fly change advisory board meetings
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Gain Visibility Into Your IT Environment

  • Consolidate disparate IT management systems into a single system of record that enables you to see all of your IT assets and how they’re functioning at all times

Build and Maintain a Single System of Record

  • Store and manage infrastructure and service information only once
  • Reduce duplication of effort and cost
  • Ensure information accuracy
  • Accelerate process execution

Shape the Enterprise Service Model

  • Get an end‑to‑end view of configuration item lifecycles and relationships
  • Maintain data integrity through workflow, escalations, and scheduling
  • Trust validated configuration data when making decisions about change

Gain Actionable Insight

  • Use data visualization to provide context
  • Understand the impact of incidents, problems, and changes on configuration items (CIs)
  • Flag unapproved changes to CIs for change governance
  • Pinpoint the underlying causes of service issues for faster mean time to recovery

Enable IT Service Processes

  • Speed resolution of incidents and problems
  • Reduce risks associated with change
  • Improve the speed and quality of change
  • Make better decisions around how assets are used
Digital Workflows

Remove bottlenecks and integrate the processes and activities between people and systems.

Improve Business Outcomes

  • Automate routing of requests, approvals, decisions, and actions
  • Accelerate tasks and outcomes

Make Work More Efficient

  • Eliminate unnecessary or redundant steps and processes
  • Integrate disconnected processes

Deliver a Higher Quality of Service and Compliance

  • Reduce chance of errors
  • Monitor and audit end to end performance

Scale Your Business

  • Remove bottlenecks that limit transaction flows
  • Automate end-to-end processes of standardized repeatability

Extend Value of Existing Investments

  • Integrate existing applications and data
  • Address new use cases and requirements and improve current process flows
Incident Management

Streamline service restoration following unplanned disruptions

Rapidly Restore Service

  • Quickly determine the impact and potential cause of an incident
  • Easily search for solutions and workarounds in the ServiceNow Knowledge Base
  • Restore service even faster with self-service password resets and pre-defined automated fixes for common issues using ServiceNow Orchestration

Improve End-User Satisfaction

  • Provide anywhere, anytime service support with built-in mobile access
  • Empower users to find answers and get help through an intuitive, self-service portal
  • Encourage collaboration with embedded social tools such as chat windows and instant messaging

Drive Service Improvement

  • Provide real-time transparency into operations with configurable, role-based dashboards
  • Identify service improvement and training opportunities with survey and knowledge article capabilities
  • Drive decision making by monitoring Key Performance Indicator (KPI) trends with ServiceNow Performance Analytics
Knowledge Management

Capture knowledge from across the organization and package it up to make it readily available for shared use

Improve Workforce Effectiveness Through Self Help

  • Empower employees to easily search for knowledge through a self-service portal
  • Expedite knowledge creation and improve workforce engagement through social Q&A
  • Analyze knowledge consumption trends and take proactive action to improve service delivery
  • Expand knowledge management with multi-departmental knowledge base support

Reduce the Costs of Service Delivery

  • Reduce the number of ticket escalations by equipping service desk staff with actionable knowledge articles for most common problems
  • Integrate knowledge directly from incidents, problems, and change requests’ resolutions
  • Bootstrap your knowledge base directly from existing word document library through mass document import

Deflect the Number of Incidents

  • Propagate knowledge to prevent incident creation using contextual search
  • Enable employees to find HR information and policies, and retrieve legal guides without contacting the help desk
  • Access knowledge articles and get answers to questions on any device, anytime
Performance Analysis

Improve services and processes across the enterprise by providing actionable insights on a daily basis

Continuous Service Improvement

  • Discover process bottlenecks using role-based dashboards and identify tasks/approvals that can be automated to improve service delivery
  • Prevent SLA breaches by measuring leading performance indicators on a daily basis and take corrective action before poor performance impacts the business
  • Leverage best practice KPIs or define your own indicators and metrics for any service management process

Automate Information Gathering and Sharing

  • Standardize visualizations of data across the enterprise and limit the number of required metrics reports, and dashboards needed to drive service quality and minimize costs
  • Eliminate discussions whether or not the numbers add up as all data is based on the single system of record
  • Redirect your reporting resources to more important tasks and reduce time collecting data, crunching numbers in spreadsheets, and formatting PowerPoint decks
  • Empower stakeholders, workers, and executives to take action and achieve business goals using interactive, role-based dashboards

Actionable Reporting and Analytics

  • Visualize developing service trends in your processes and take action before they impact the business
  • Interact with role-based dashboards to personalize insight and drill down to the record level to discuss the pain points in your data
  • Proactively manage your processes by tracking the right metrics to ensure you meet your SLAs, increase customer satisfaction, and minimize cost
  • Prioritize work and drive down time to resolution by helping employees quickly identify work requests that are “at risk” – with just a single click
Problem Management

Minimize the business impact of service disruptions, and prevent future disruptions from occurring

Increase Business Productivity

  • Reduce the time and effort your agency spends resolving repeat incidents
  • Minimize service disruptions and their impact on the business
  • Speed resolution times by publishing solutions and workarounds in a knowledge base

Accelerate Root Cause Analysis Investigations

  • Determine the impact and potential cause of a problem with right-click access to service relationships and configuration item health
  • Correlate problems with recent activities, such as the changes, that may have caused them
  • Deliver superior troubleshooting quality and consistency using the Kepner-Tregoe structured problem analysis methodology

Improve Transparency and Communications

  • Provide real-time transparency into operations with configurable role-based dashboards
  • Give updates to all service subscribers through email with built-in subscription-based notifications
Service Catalog

End-users seek modern ways to interact with shared business services groups across their organization

Deliver a Modern Service Experience

  • Provide end-users with a single storefront to request any business service, backed by a single or multiple service catalogs
  • Provide a self-help interface to enable consumer-like interactions with other agency service providers such as HR, Facilities and IT
  • Achieve higher customer satisfaction by aligning service offerings with customer needs

Increase Operational Efficiency

  • Promote self-help and menu-driven requests to reduce service desk and call center workloads
  • Use the Catalog Item Designer feature to grant Service Owners the ability to create and maintain items in the service catalog, items that include workflow for approvals and multiple delivery teams
  • Eliminate duplication of effort, ensure accuracy of information, and speed up process execution with automated fulfillment across the enterprise

Deliver Insightful Financial Reporting

  • Publish service levels, including tiers and their respective cots to set user expectations
  • Use chargeback and differential pricing models to better manage demand
  • Use service catalog usage and cost data to better assess demand for services, service costs, and improvement opportunities
Service Level Management

ServiceNow® Service Level Management (SLM) is a comprehensive platform capability used to document and track all service level commitments between service providers and their customers.
Once defined, SLM provides detailed visualizations to easily understand active SLAs, automates notifications and escalations to keep all relevant parties informed, and provides access to key metrics to understand organizational performance against service commitments.
Centralize how you manage your service level agreements (SLAs), automate your workflow to avoid SLA breaches, and proactively manage SLAs at risk.

Centralized SLA Management

  • Define all service level commitments and monitor performance in one system
  • Easily document SLA, operational level agreement (OLA), and underpinning contract (UC) definitions services based on your organization’s requirements
  • Specify the schedule, timings, conditions, workflows, and other information required to meet agreements
  • Whether you are a provider or consumer, easily see service level expectations and real-time status updates

Workflow Automation

  • Deliver service consistently to reduce SLA breaches and improve customer satisfaction
  • Configure your workflows to take automated actions to support SLAs; for example, remind users to complete tasks or notify supervisors when an SLA is about to breach

Service Level Timeline

  • Gain detailed insight into the evolution of an SLA
  • Proactively manage SLAs at risk
  • Learn which related task events triggered SLA stage changes
  • See all SLAs associated with a related task View details such as the stage a task SLA is in and if it has breached
  • For a task SLA, see the actual and business elapsed time and percentage, and the actual and business time left in days and hours
Software Asset Management

Software can represent more than 20% of IT budgets and managing it can be complicated. Consolidating multiple spreadsheets can take days or weeks and many CIO’s spend time worrying about, or actually being in, software vendor audits as often as twice a year or more. At the same time millions of dollars are being spent on underutilized licenses every year. ServiceNow Software Asset Management enables organizations to utilize a single system of action that helps them seamlessly transform from reactive software asset management practices to a proactive culture of always being ready for an audit and always being aware of unused licenses.

Always be ready for an audit and continually reduce expenses by managing software compliance and reclaiming unused licenses. With ServiceNow Software Asset Management you can proactively manage your software and reinvest the dollars saved back into IT.

Match Software with Contracts

  • Discover the software products installed across your organization
  • Understand how your software aligns with contract and purchasing terms based on normalized values from our extensive software library
  • Accurately count and reconcile software installed with products purchased, and know from a licensing perspective that entitlement to v11, for example, corresponds with 11.1, 11.2, 11.3, and so on

Manage Software Compliance

  • Tap into our automated reconciliation engine, which provides up-to-date compliance positions for software publishers
  • See which products are not compliant with their software entitlements
  • Learn the true-up cost to add noncompliant licenses and how that cost could be reduced by reclaiming underutilized installations
  • Check compliance any time through browser and mobile interactive dashboards
  • Use orchestration to drive remediation

Reduce and Avoid Expenses

  • Use information already in the Now Platform to determine any software products that are not being used
  • Reclaim software that is underutilized, either automatically or via a workflow

Expand on the Power of the Now Platform

  • Take advantage of data already available in your Now Platform for Software Asset Management, which eliminates extra integration effort and negates the need for complex spreadsheets
  • Share information from Software Asset Management with other ServiceNow products, such as Security Operations to generate new insights for your agency
Surveys and Assessments

With ServiceNow® Surveys, you can create surveys and collect responses around various aspects of service delivery, right from within the ServiceNow platform. With ServiceNow Assessments, you can evaluate, score, and rank items, processes, or projects. For example, you can assess projects that executives want to evaluate for effective management, or rate and compare a vendor’s goods and services.

Understand how your internal clients or customers experience your service delivery, assess your performance, and identify actions you can take to continually improve.

Integrated Experience

  • ServiceNow Surveys are available within the Now Platform™
  • Agents or Service Desk Managers can administer surveys without leaving the platform
  • Recipients can respond from within the Service Portal, giving them a consistent service experience

Consumer-Friendly Interface

  • Offer more modern and consumer-like business surveys
  • Take advantage of our mobile-friendly interface and allow users to respond from any device
  • Support the selection of multiple answers, offer ranking-type questions, and even allow recipients to respond with predefined emojis to indicate their level of satisfaction

Agent-Friendly Capabilities

  • Create, schedule, and send surveys from a single page
  • Save drafts until you are ready to publish the survey
  • Customize the color scheme, create conditional questions, and allow users to change their responses
  • Analyze results by category to get deeper insights faster
  • Enable easier auditing by deactivating surveys without deleting them

Fast Feedback

  • Create and get feedback on evaluations such as Vendor Assessment, Project Assessment, and Risk Assessment
  • Attach all relevant records in a single assessment
  • Assign sections of the assessment to specific stakeholders as needed


Want to Learn More?

DTI has a team of ServiceNow specialists that can help your agency utilize this platform. If you would like a demonstration, please contact your agency’s DTI Customer Engagement Specialist, or email, and we will be happy to show you how ServiceNow can make work work better for your agency.