Delaware Department of
Technology & Information

Delaware Department of Technology & Information

Technology Office

Vacant, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

The Technology Office is accountable for the successful implementation of major projects approved by the Technology Investment Council. Our office is responsible for creating standards that will simplify the complexities related to managing large projects and will enhance overall customer acceptance. It is our intent to facilitate continuous improvement of project deliverance through better planning, measurement, knowledge sharing and consistency.

The following business units function under the Technology Office:

Application Delivery
Prasad Alaparthi, Director

Major responsibilities include:

  • Offer robust solutions that are innovative, flexible, scalable, and cost-effective
  • Provide collaborative oversight in application design, code reviews, and security controls
  • Pioneer market leading technologies providing expert guidance
  • Develop Subject Matter experts in both applications and technology
  • Software Design, Development, and Deployment for: Mainframe, Web Applications and Sites, Salesforce, GIS, and XML Firewalls
  • Production Support: Enhancements, Vendor Management, Version upgrade and Performance testing support, Production incident resolution
  • Release Management Services
  • Application Security expertise through standards management, scanning tool definition and use, best practices, code reviews, and software architecture
Enterprise Architecture
Tony Collins, Enterprise Architect

Major responsibilities include:

  • Facilitate discussions to determine the State’s technology direction
  • Provide architectural guidance on projects
  • Identify opportunities to share technology and information across the State
  • Promote and support strategic planning
  • Create a collaborative forum to discuss the State’s technology direction
  • Understand the relationships between technology solutions
Enterprise Data Management
Jennifer Koester, Director

Major responsibilities include:

  • Promote technology that is robust, innovative, and scalable; enabling the state to make better use of data and provide insights for better decision making.
  • Provide guidance to adopt best practices for data use and standards.
  • Work with customers to document business needs related to data requirements, design, and analysis.
  • Ensure that data is accurate, valid, and appropriately available to residents and state agencies.
  • Develop intuitive and impactful tools for data consumption and reporting.

View more information about the Enterprise Data Management team.

Enterprise Resource Planning
Michelle Donohue, Director

Major responsibilities include:

  • Plan, organize and complete work requests
  • Maintain production support plan
  • Analyze and provide solutions to complex functional issues
  • Apply routine PeopleSoft patches, fixes, and tax updates
  • Write and Maintain technical policies and procedures
  • Maintain synchronization and integration of multiple databases
Project Management
Stephanie Wingert, Director

Major responsibilities include:

  • Guidance for Major Projects
  • Help Reduce and Manage Risks
  • Promote a Consistent Understanding of Project Activities, Roles, and Responsibilities
  • Promote Standards and Processes for Projects
  • Leverage Lessons Learned from Other Major Projects
  • Provide Vendor Management Guidance
  • Provide MPQR Project Templates for State Agencies

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