Role and Responsibilities

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) in Delaware is a Cabinet level post and the head of the Department of Technology and Information. As such, the CIO is the key advisor to the Governor on all matters regarding technology and telecommunications. The CIO is also the primary liaison in all Information Technology (IT) matters with the Legislative and Judicial branches of State government.


The mission of the CIO's office is to create, in collaboration with the Governor's office and other state entities, the IT goals for the State of Delaware. Working with the Department's management and staff, the CIO is responsible for achieving these IT goals and meeting the overall technology needs for the State of Delaware .

Key Objectives

  • Leadership of the Technology Investment Council (TIC) and the development of IT project submission and review guidelines/processes to support the state budget process
  • Work with the Governor's office and others on e-government initiatives to improve the availability and service provided to Delaware's citizens
  • Development of a statewide IT plan and submit funding recommendations to the Budget Office