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Successful Electronic Meetings – Best Practices


There are a variety of electronic (or online) meeting applications (WebEx, GoToMeeting, ZOOM, etc.).  Regardless of which application you choose, remember that not everyone has experience in participating in meetings online.

Here are some best practices to help ensure a successful electronic meeting.

Start and End on Time

Have an Agenda

Know what needs to be done.

Always Identify Yourself

And keep comments brief.

Use a Headset

Sound quality, volume and tone of voice matter.

Let There Be Light

A bright light source (e.g., lamp or, during daylight hours, a window) should face you.

Consider The View

Declutter your background, or change the camera angle so the background doesn’t distract others.

Hush Noise

Banish audible distractions such as pets and kids whenever possible. Also, turn off your TV and radio, and silence your cell phone.

No Snacking!

Mute the Microphone

When you are not speaking.

Dress for Success

Look like you mean business!

Make Eye Contact

Look directly at your device’s camera when you speak.

Pause Before Speaking

Just in case there is lag. Remember to unmute yourself!

Be Quiet and Still

Avoid side conversations. multitasking, or noise-generating activities (shuffling papers, keyboarding).

Make Your Strongest Connection

Ask others sharing your Internet connection not to engage in bandwidth intensive activities (streaming video, gaming) during your meeting.

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