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Webex is a service that offers audio, video conferencing and screen sharing services, for state and external participants. Webex is a cloud-based offering. It is best for meetings of 1 – 100 active participants but can support up to 1,000 participants.

To Host a Webex session requires a Webex license. Contact the DTI Service Desk to request a Webex license.

DO NOT Launch a Webex meeting through a Remote Desktop (RDP) connection.

HOSTING a Meeting

You will need a Webex license and the Cisco Webex App (available for PC and Mac) downloaded to your computer to “Host” a Webex session. To request a Webex license open a Service Desk ticket.


You do not need a license to “Attend” a Webex, however, as an attendee you may be prompted to download the Webex app when joining a Webex meeting. Downloading the app will enhance the quality of your experience.

Regardless whether you are a “Host” or a “Attendee”, do not launch or access the Webex meeting/event through a Remote Desktop connection as audio and video will be transmitted by the computer you are remotely connected to (your empty chair!).

For the Best Webex Performance

Windows: Minimize the Remote Desktop session and launch the Webex meeting/event through your local browser.
To minimize, select the minus symbol in the banner at the top of your Windows machine.

MAC: Place your cursor at the bottom (or side) of your screen to bring up your Mac’s dock. Launch Webex app from the launcher; select the Webex icon Webex Icon Image from the Mac dock.

Sign into Webex (After you have a license)

  1. Open a browser window and type in the URL (If you are in a Remote Desktop session, minimize the session and type the URL in your native computer browser window.)
  2. In the top right-hand corner of screen, ensure that Webex is checked and select the Sign In button.Sign in image
  3. You will be prompted for your Email address. Enter Select Next.
  4. First time users will be prompted to Install the Cisco Webex Meetings app. Select Run.Install image
  5. Once the Webex app is installed, you will be prompted to login using your State login credentials. Enter your email and your State login password.
  6. The WebEx Home Page will display.

Visit the Cisco Webex App Help Center for additional instructions on the use of Webex.

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