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Listed below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive.

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…access DTI mainframe software documentation library?

DTI maintains a library of documentation for IBM and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) products that are used in the DTI mainframe environments. This documentation site includes vendor publications such as user guides, messages and codes listings, and reference manuals.

…access my State e-mail via the Public Internet?

State employees can access their State email and calendar using ANY computer in the world with an active connection to the public Internet. If you can access and/or, you can access your State email by entering in your address bar. Enter your normal state login information.

…access the Statewide Telephone Directory?

The Phone Directory Search tool ( is a searchable database of state organizations and contacts available to the public through the website. The Directory is searchable by person, agency, or thing. The Directory, and its underlying database, are maintained by the Government Information Center (GIC).

…change my security access?

All security access changes must go through your Information Security Officer (ISO). Contact them for more information.

…make a domain name request?

Please contact your IRM to initiate the process.

…connect my personal Mobile Device to the state network?

Complete the Personal Mobile Device Network Access Request Form.

…create a Business Case?

The Project Portfolio System (PPS) is a secure access tool that State of Delaware organizations (agencies) can utilize to create IT business cases. Access to PPS requires a user ID and password which is acquired through a State Organization’s (agency) Information Resource Manager (IRM). Once created and submitted, State Organizations (agency) business cases will electronically flow to the necessary individuals for review and recommendations. If you have questions regarding the PPS system, please contact your DTI Customer Engagement Specialist.

…manage eMail Spam?

Quarantined Mail
Outlook Junk Mail
Cached Exchange Mode

…encrypt email?

Egress Switch Encryption as the State’s secure e-mail standard. This standard will cover all e-mails requiring security. The need for email security is required by Federal regulations such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996), Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and others. This standard will cover encryption of the email message plus attachment, as well as guaranteed delivery.

For more information:

…create a new "Subscription Service" (i.e., email list service)?

To have a new Lyris list created, please send an email to  with the following information: List Name; Name(s) of Administrators; Name(s) of Members; Email addresses of the administrators and members; Network:  Intranet (only state employees can use the list), Internet (State and external users can use the list); List Status: Open (anyone can send emails to the list for distribution), Closed (only select members and admins can broadcast emails).

…find my Information Resource Manager (IRM)?

Search the Information Resource Manager List for your state organization (agency).

…find my Information Security Officer (ISO)?

The Information Security Officer Master List contains a listing of all ISOs in the state.

…find my Technical Approver?

Technical Approvers are listed by Agency/Organization in the State Technical Approver List.

…find State of Delaware’s awarded vendors and contracts?

All IT staffing contracts are listed in the Awarded Contracts Directory.

…get assistance selecting hardware, software, or services?

Contact your DTI Customer Engagement Specialist (CES) for assistance in selecting hardware, software, or services.

…get help?

Contact the 24/7 DTI Service Desk or the DTI Customer Engagement Specialist (CES) representing your State organization/agency. Our help desk associates are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

…get notified of downtime or outages?

Links for the downtime/outage mail lists can be found on the DTI Service Desk page.

…get SFTP access to my server?

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is a method of securing information while it is transferred over the Internet. To obtain SFTP access, contact your Information Security Officer (ISO) .

…get support after hours?

Contact the DTI Service Desk. Our help desk associates are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

…learn more about using the Cisco 7900 Series Phone?

1. Access Cisco Self Care Portal to Manage User Password and PIN
2. Cisco IP Phone Quick Users Sheet
3. Cisco IP Phone Instructions – Model 7900 Series Guide

…recycle old cell phones?

Forward cell phones/equipment via State Mail to:
Government Support Services (GSS): Surplus Service
State (Mail) Location Code: SLC N130
(Items will be sold at the State’s Surplus Store)
Be sure to erase/clear cell phone data/contacts before you recycle your old cell phone!

…report an issue to DTI?

Report any issues or problems to the 24/7 DTI Service Desk.

…request a broadcast message/announcement email to other state agencies?

Send your intended message to  The message should be formatted exactly the way you want it presented.  Please include your contact information (name, agency, and email/phone), along with the intended message.  Once it has been reviewed and approved, DTI will send the broadcast email to a designated list of agency representatives (in most cases, their PIO).  If the message adheres to the agency’s policies and practices, they will broadcast it to their employees.

…request a Domain Name System (DNS) change?

To create or change your DNS entry, the agency IRM must send an email to DTI_DNS_Request indicating the domain name, server IP, and date that the site should be made ‘live’. Please copy your CES on your request and contact your CES with any questions. (More information…Domain Name System Request Process)

…request the addition of an EntireX Broker Service to the mainframe system?

Follow the EntireX Broker Request Process and submit a separate request for each required broker service..

…request a new (or changes to an existing) telecommunications (POTS/telephone) line/circuit/etc.?

Each State organization has at least one person authorized to make these requests. Those authorized individuals who have attended training can access the web-based (Telecommunications) Expense Management System (EMS) application. If unsure whether or not an issue is a repair or work which will require a service request and approval through EMS, contact the 24/7 DTI Service Desk for assistance.

…request a Root Cause Analysis (RCA)?

While DTI proactively performs Root Cause Analysis when several incidents of a similar nature occur, customers may request a Root Cause Analysis by contacting their Customer Engagement Specialist (CES).

…request (SSL-VPN) secure access?

Server Access: SSL-VPN provides remote access to the network through the Internet.  Access to resources such as the mainframe (ACCT [DFMS] | CORP | CJIS1 | MTRV | MISC | JIC | HSSC | DOLP), applications, or software must be warranted to acquire SSL-VPN. Specific network shares, servers, file shares, mainframe, etc. must be identified.
Reference DTI’s Service Descriptions.

Remote Access: DTI uses identity assurance and user authentication in order to provide secure access to protect the state’s network resources. Secure access is a two factor process that provides a higher level of authentication, using a unique symmetric key that is combined with a proven algorithm to generate a new one-time password (OTP) every 60 seconds.

To apply for the use of an authentication key, contact your state organization’s (agency) DTI approved Technical Approver

…request or renew access to a server, application or the mainframe?

To request access or renew access to a server, application or the State’s mainframe (ACCT [DFMS] | CORP | CJIS1 | MTRV | MISC | JIC | HSSC | DOLP), a security request must be submitted to DTI through your state organization’s (agency) Information Security Officer (ISO) .

…request updates or changes to the Statewide Telephone Directory?

The Phone Directory Search tool ( is a searchable database of state organizations and contacts available to the public through the website. The Directory is searchable by person, agency, or thing. The Directory, and its underlying database, are maintained by the Government Information Center (GIC).

State agencies should review the accuracy of their listings on a regular basis. (Note: searching by DDS number will return all records for a specific agency.) Agencies should inform the GIC of major staff changes or changes to public offices and/or phone numbers by email at The GIC will also, on request, send an extract of the database, in excel format, for review and update.

…subscribe to a list server?

A Lyris List Server Administrator must add your subscription request to the mail list. Contact the DTI Service Desk by email or call 739-9560 for the Lyris List Server Administrator assigned to the state mailing list you are requesting.

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