Agency Benefits

Join this program for the opportunity to enhance the way your agency serves your consumers and streamline your processes. Take advantage of digital solutions to improve customer service, accept payments, send invoices, and leverage existing state technology investments.

This project offers a supportive and collaborative environment where agencies can share knowledge, best practices, and contribute to the evolution of digital government in Delaware. See all the benefits to your agency below.

A graphic that Delaware government agencies can use to promote their services and get their message out using the Go DE app

Agency Benefits Include

  • Go DE’s modern, scalable payment and customer experience platform is planned for future improvements, making it efficient for delivering digital governments and conducting online business.
  • A new user-friendly, secure, accessible payment system designed to reduce the need for support calls.
    • Reduce agency administrative burden for login, transaction, and payment help desk requests.
    • Reduce the need for one-off web pages.
  • Adding new Snappay features to the payment interface is seamless, avoiding custom integration effort and cost for agencies.
    • Remediate Govolution to Fiserv migration requirement
    • Reduce agency-specific Fiserv contracts
    • Decrease Fiserv billable hours
  • Go DE’s dedicated support team assists with payment and business process migration/creation.
  • An administrative interface allows agencies to
    • Increase an agency’s ability to bill/accept ecommerce transactions,
    • easily configure payment settings,
    • build process flows,
    • connect existing forms,
    • request payments as needed, and
    • access detailed agency transaction reports, enhancing the ability to benchmark and forecast.
  • With My Delaware ID, everyone enjoys a more secure, hassle-free payment and portal experience

Check out a live model of the Go DE portal as it’s being developed.

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