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About the Go DE Initiative

Go DE is a partnership among the Governor’s office, OST, GIC, and DTI to develop the new digital government portal for residents and visitors. This portal will provide a single human-centered entry to reach state services managed across many different agencies.

Phase 1 of Go DE focuses on replacement of the statewide legacy web payment system (”Govolution”) with a single configurable SnapPay integration. This evolution allows Go DE-integrated agencies to provide customers with an enterprise single highly-configurable touchpoint fronted by the Go DE Payment Engine. Residents and visitors can make trusted web payments for multiple state agency products and services, using a secure, responsive, and accessible industry leading solution.

The Go DE roadmap includes support for both an anonymous payment engine (i.e., resembling the legacy Govolution method) and the ability for people to connect via a more secure, authenticated My Delaware ID identity for a highly personalized experience. By using their trusted identity, people can monitor and view all their transactions enabled by Go DE.

As Go DE evolves beyond Phase 1, it will add many features to support more general intake and information services, beyond integrated payments. Go DE will be able to deliver service intake of behalf of agencies including such advanced features as multi-step form intakes, digital signing with digital signature processors, payment via the Payment Engine, notifications, notarization, image capture, document uploads, payment reconciliation and more.

Headshot of Delaware governor John Carney

“We should also make it easier for everyday Delawareans to interact with their state government.

We need a One Stop for Delaware Citizens – where you can buy your park pass, register to vote, renew your license or check for snow closures.”

– Governor John Carney 2020 State of the State

Project Timeline

  • Dec 2023
    Pilot Integration Ready
    • Integration documents available
    • Pilot Agencies begin integrations
    • Test environments are more generally released
  • Mar 2024
    Pilot Payments Live
    • Pilot Agencies are live
    • Payment Services 1
      • Confirmations
      • Notifications
    • Begin Onboarding agency payments
    • Begin Onboarding payment link applications
    • Begin Onboarding on-site payment migragions
  • Jun 2024
    Payment / Portal Services Live
    • Payment Services 2
    • Portal Functionality 1
      • Browse past payments
      • Portal Preferences 1
  • Sep 2024
    Portal / Payments
    • Payment Services 3
    • Portal Functionality 2
      • Navigation 1
      • Portal Preferences 2
  • Nov 2024
    Quarterly Release Strategy

Project Phases

  1. Current Phase:
    Secure Single Sign-On
  2. Modern Centralized Payment
  3. Improved User Experience
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