Go DE, is a transformative platform that enables residents and visitors to interact with Delaware government online in a personalized, efficient, and secure manner. Go DE will enhance engagement, streamline government operations, and promote transparency and accountability.

At its core, the portal intends to deliver a human-centered “one-stop shop” for the public to access an increasing number of Delaware government services. Go DE is user-friendly, intuitive, and accessible to all, regardless of level of technical expertise. Go DE will provide a range of services, including online payment, application submission and filing, notification, status tracking and more.

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Features Achieved with Go DE

In addition to providing access to government services, the portal also serves as a gateway to information on government policies, programs, and initiatives. It is designed to promote transparency and accountability by making government information easily accessible to all.

To ensure the success of Go DE, the following features and capabilities will be developed:

Personalized Dashboards

Customize the portal experience to suit individual preferences and needs by creating personalized dashboards. These will provide quick access to frequently used services, track applications, and allow delivery of personalized alerts and notifications. Phase 1 includes the dashboard showing detailed accounting of payments made when a Delaware single sign-on identity is used in with the Go DE Payment Engine.

Integration with Other Government Systems

Deliver public and agency access to important other government systems, such as databases, payment gateways, online forms and service delivery platforms. This seamless access to services will reduce duplication of effort across government agencies.

Centralized Customer Support Services

Accessible assistance will provide quick answers to frequently asked questions and guide people through the service delivery process and accomplishing payments.

Mobile-First Design

People can access Go DE services from any device, anytime, and anywhere.

Accessible Design

Web-accessibility compliant design (WCAG guidelines) with mobile, touch and browser assistive technology support content assures Go DE access will meet the wide range of customer needs.

Multilingual Support

Support content is a framework designed to allow presentation in multiple languages, meeting the needs of customers from diverse backgrounds to access government services and information.

Go DE is envisioned as a game-changing platform that empowers residents and visitors and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of government operations. Go DE will create a more human-centric and responsive government, promoting better governance, and building trust and confidence in the State of Delaware.

Check out a live model of the Go DE portal as it’s being developed.

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